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"NIGHT MOVES: Trying to deliver the sizzle"

Burning Through

The band: Nick Tierney, vocals, guitar; Patrick Verdi, guitar; Alex Smith, bass; David Landrum, drums

Hometown: Richmond

Web site: www.burningthrough.com

CD: At live shows; download MP3s from Web site

Check out the band if you like: The Used, Jimmy Eat World

Playing Next: 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Nanci Raygun and May 14 at Pancho's Grill, Hopewell.

What's up: Burning Through heated up The Canal Club last Friday with larger-than-life rock anthems, while melting the hearts of swooning lady fans at the same time.
Now Sleepyhead, Stars Will Collide and Monarch opened the show, which happened to be Burning Through's first headlining performance.

Sunny Day Real Estate, Deftones and The Darkness are some of the artists that inspire the band members, but Tierney said they are always listening for what is next.
"Stuff gets old so quickly and you have to really be on top of what's fresh and what's new," he said, "and at the same time keep your own identity. You don't want to lose it."

Although popular music plays a motivator for the band, Verdi, with a degree in classical guitar, said he grew up with music from the past.
"I feel like having older brothers kind of exposed me to the old-school stuff. If I start getting too '80s, Nick pulls me back," he said. Likewise, Nick said, if he gets too grunge or emo, Verdi will pull him back as well.

A vocal melody will often become the foundation for the band's latest song. Verdi said the band members like to switch up the method they use for writing music.

"Most bands typically start out with the music or a riff," he said. "Nick will have something in his head vocally and all of a sudden that is what takes the shape of the song."

In the coming months, Burning Through is planning an East Coast tour, releasing a 10-song record and continuing the writing process. Verdi said that as long as the members are able, they will strive for success. "We will not let up until the Earth caves in," he said. "We all have to keep the momentum going."

How would you describe your sound? "We're like arenemo," Tierney said. Verdi said that means the sound is big rock with hints of emo, pop and metal. "It keeps sort of the traditional melodic roots of rock music, vocal harmonies, guitar solos, but not to the point where it's progressive or over the top."

How has adding Landrum to the group changed its dynamic? "It opened up a whole other spectrum for us as musicians," Tierney said. Verdi said the band would probably not be together if not for his addition. "Dave was the saving grace. We would have dismembered because we would have gotten too frustrated. This band definitely could not have realized its potential without Dave."

How do you prepare for a show? "Before we go on we have a band meeting," Smith said. Verdi said they have a pep talk to pump everybody up. "This week we did acoustic rehearsals, and I think we're going to do that a little bit more because when you break it down no one can hide behind their instruments. You really hear what you have to work on."

What does it feel like to headline a show for the first time? "I think we're a little bit worried about the turn out," Tierney said. "It's pressure" Smith said it's stressful because the band is relatively new.

How does playing out of state compare with playing in Richmond? "We played in North Carolina and there's a lot more younger kids coming to shows," Smith said. Verdi said the local scene might be more accessible in other cities. "Richmond has the vibe where you don't want to deal with the parking," he said.

-- Angie Castlebury

- Richmond Times Dispatch

"Roadrunner Records"

"Good band. Really solid material and playing."

Monte Conner
Senior VP of A&R, Roadrunner Records - Roadrunner Records


The band has recently record their first full-length record called Burning Through and was produced by Jason Slater (Queensryche, Snake River Conspiracy, Third Eye Blind, Slaves On Dope, Twisted Method, Apartment 26 and many others). 5 songs (Bad Side, Wake Up, Home, Gone For Good and On The Ground) can be heard on this EPK or on the Sounds page of the band's website at www.burningthrough.com.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Burning Through (formerly High Watt) was formed when singer/guitarist Nick Tierney, bassist Alex Smith, and drummer Allen Skillman decided to quit their respective bands to form a straight-ahead modern rock group with strong song writing and uncompromising stage presence. In early 2003, the Richmond, Virginia based band recruited one of the areas most unique and crafty lead guitarists, Patrick Verdi.

Their music possesses catchy lyrical hooks with strong vocal harmonies, solid backbeats, infectious guitar riffs that are heavy yet melodic with virtuoso guitar leads. The powerful vocals of Tierney and Verdi combined with the rock-solid rhythms created by Landrum and Smith produce what is surely a welcome alternative to the modern rock trends of today’s music scene.

After a year of intense song writing and performing the band's chemistry became an undeniable force on stage, setting the tone for what would quickly become one of the most sought after rock bands in Richmond, VA. However, due to personal circumstances, drummer Allen Skillman decided to step down and pursue other musical interests, leaving the duty to new percussionist David Landrum.

In 2004, Burning Through recorded their first full-length album in collaboration with producer Jason Slater (Queensryche, Snake River Conspiracy, Third Eye Blind, Slaves On Dope, Twisted Method, Apartment 26 and many others) which features tracks “Wake Up,” “Home,” “Bad Side,” "Gone For Good," "On The Ground" and 5 others. The band is currently looking for professional management.

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