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"Skatepunk.org Interview"

Band: BurningTireSmell
Name: Tyler Foran(4N)
Location: Tucson, AZ
Date of birth: March 12, 1984
Label: JS Recordings
Interviewer: Daniel Pedersen, Skatepunk.Org

Daniel: Whats your name and whats your job in BurningTireSmell?

Tyler: I’m Tyler and I am the sole member of BurningTireSmell. I play guitar, bass and sing as well as write all the words.

Daniel: What gear do you use?

Tyler: Yamaha and Gibson Acoustic, Fernandes and Fender Electrics, Marshall Amps.

Daniel: For how long have BTS existed, and have you played in BTS since the beginning?

Tyler: BurningTireSmell started in March of ‘05 has a continuation of another project. And yep, from the beginning.

Daniel: Have you played in other bands, and whats the first band you ever played in, and when did it start?

Tyler: I was in a band called Murgent, which went nowhere and I also guest guitar played for T.O.E.S. and a few other bands.

Daniel: When did you start playing, and why?

Tyler: I started on bass back in highschool. I just wanted to be like my idols. Offspring, Blink 182, the really inspired me.

Daniel: What does the band mean to you?

Tyler: The band is a way of communicating feelings that I don’t normally share, it’s my way of escape from the world.

Daniel: How has being in a band changed your life?

Tyler: I’m a much happier person… and it gets you connected with different people.

Daniel: Whats the first BTS song ever made, and whats the name of your first cd?

Tyler: “I Want You” was the first song, I planned on being all Pop-Punk at first, but started leaning to more rock. The first CD “The Never Ending” will be coming out in 06. I had a CD before called “Street Sins.”

Daniel: Which song did you made the first video to?

Tyler: The video will be for “You and me” and should be done by June.

Daniel: Whats your favorite BTS song, and why?

Tyler: Choosing a favorite song, is like picking a favorite child of yours, can you do it? Yes, and I like “Mexicano” because it’s about someone very special to me.

Daniel: Do you have any tips for the kids playing in bands?

Tyler: Be yourself. Cliche, yes. But that’s all you gotta be. I’m sick of hearing all these bands nowadays that all sound the same. Work hard, set goals to achieve and who knows!

Favorite band? Zebrahead, Blink 182, Sum 41, Jimmy Eat World, Tom Petty, Dashboard Confessional, Mankind.
Favorite CD? Sum 41 - Chuck, Mankind - Unreleased, Zebrahead - MFZB and Blink 182 - Self-titled.
Favorite movie? Right now, probably Sin City or Super Troopers.
Favorite TV Show? Family Guy.
Favorite food? Cherries.
Favorite drink? Jagermeister…err Cherry Coke?
Favorite clothingline? Atticus.
Favorite Shoes? Macbeth, DC Shoes.
Favorite video game? Madden 05, Def Jam Fight for New York.
Favorite color? Red.
Favorite magazine? Maxim.
Favorite book? Chuck Palahniuk - Haunted.
Favorite actor/actress? Marla Sokoloff(she made my guitar strap) and Jason Lee.
Favorite superhero? Spider-Man.

Daniel: Do you have any final thoughts to add?

Tyler: Thank you for doing this interview. You are too kind. Oh, and I like apples!
- Skatepunk.org


The Never Ending(demo) released in 2006. "Rachel" Single in 2006, The Rearview (a full lengh LP coming out at the the end of May), Songs streaming on MySpace as well as GainCentral.com and songs being sold on various other sites.



BurningTireSmell came to be after a bet with a the rock band Murgent. Tyler bet that if he ever went solo he would name the band something dumb like "BurningTireSmell" a year later he stuck to his promise. Embarking upon clever lyrical writing and a unique style of playing that mixes both pop and rock into an acoustic guitar that screams "really, its not country or emo." The style of BTS is very unique. There can be one song about serious subjects, just to be followed up by a humorous parody or clever funny original. There is something for everyone with BurningTireSmell.