Burning Truth

Burning Truth


Raw, earthy acoustic guitar, spiced up with lively electric lead guitar, then grounded with a tribal backbeat to give it a full-bodied flavor.


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In Sanskrit, the word for music sangita, encompassing three subjects: playing, singing, and dancing. Burning Truth reaches beyond conventional boundaries of music and dance. Their music is brought to life with evocative vocals, fervent instrumentation, and dynamic displays of fire and dance. Combinations of dance and music are crafted to fit each event.

Terry Phillips is the musical force revealed through Burning Truth. He plays original alternative folk with alchemical mixes of acoustic guitar and lyricism. His songs carry a message of hope, singing stories of struggle and triumph.

Tamara grounds the music with a backbeat of deep rich tones from her Djembe. She adds accents with her voice, tambourine, maracas, and coins and bells. Her fire performances entrance audiences. The fire dance is derived from the ancient art of Poi, traditional to the Maori of New Zealand.

Michael Zion, lead guitarist for Burning Truth, joined the group in June of 2006. He adds a new dimension to the music with weaving, electrified licks. Michael plays with enthusiasm, from the heart as he feels it.

"Our mission is to awaken the child spirit through inspirational music and dance. We set out to be playful, provoking thought, movement and imagination, sparking the tender inner-fires in all of us."



That's How It All Happened

Written By: G.T. Phillips

It was at a party in May of '61
When Robert picked up an axe
and Jerry said, "Hey give me that"
and that's the way it's always been

It was at the Newport Folk Festival
when Joan captivated the audience
and on that day she became an icon

That's how it all happened
that's how it all begun
a change could be felt
and it was captured in a song
everybody singing "We Shall Overcome"
That's how it all happened
that's how it all begun

I heard a man from the city of New York
Say you better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone
'Cause a hard rain is gonna fall


All I wanna do is live my little life
my weird little life in my weird little way
All I wanna do is pick up this guitar and play

I Looked Around

Written By: G.T. Phillips

I looked around
saw you not standing there
where have you gone, my love?
a tear comes to my eye
'cause I'm all alone
on my own again
remember'n those days
you were my only friend

Love comes and goes
there she goes out that door again
Grip of pain so strong
it'll crush you in it's hands

How do we live
in a cruel world
I try to be kind
but I always play that fool
where do we turn
when a loss hurts us deep inside
I feel the burn
I think my heart just died


I turned around
thought I saw you standing there
you were gone so fast
you left a shadow hanging there
it seems that love's a game
and I don't know how to play
the rules always change
and I think I've lost again


The Magic of a Child

Written By: G.T. Phillips

This world's gone crazy indeed
death, destruction, and greed
We need the magic to set us free
The spirit of a child lives free
No apprehensions of who they should be
We can believe as a child believes

Fill the world,
Fill the world,
Fill the world, with the magic of a child

We created this land of magic
We believed we could be who we wanted to be
I could be Peter Pan
And we could journey to Never Never Land


Then we grew and we forgot about that child
That lives in us forever
In fairy tales and dreams
Where anything is possible and magic is real
I could be an Elven King
and you could be a Fairy Queen



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Set List

I Wanna Be Moved
Magic of A Child
Like A Thick Haze
When Will It End
Hold On/Let Go
Walking Down The Road
This Is The Day
Comin' Round The Mountain
Please Forgive Me
Snow White Friend
I Looked Around
That's How It All Happened
That's Just The Way It Goes
No More War
The Buffalo Song
Healing Spirit
What Happened That Day

No Rain (Blind Melon)
Natural Mystic
Stir It Up (Bob Marley)
Beautiful Ones (Freedom)
Hold My Hand (Hootie and the Blowfish)
Mr. Jones (Counting Crows)
Safety Dance (Men Without Hats)
Seminole Wind (Jon Anderson)
Red Tailed Hawk (Joules Graves)
Sounds of Silence (Paul Simon)
Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)
Touch of Grey (Grateful Dead)
Jackstraw (Grateful Dead)
Loser (Grateful Dead)

A set is generally one hour to an hour and a half. We can play two full sets. When dance segments are added, sets can be even longer.