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"garageband.com-best male vocal-best production"

Quotes/ Reviews for I'm Alright
Fantastic Hard Rock Song!!! Fantastic Song!!!
One of the best songs i have ever heard! These Lyrics are awesome! they tell story for yourself. man i like this song. HARD ROCKERS this is for you - Darkslide_Cro from Zadar, Croatia on 23Jun2008

Running With The Pack
A good solid Modern Rock song be it 2008 or 1998- transcends both decades and captures that feel of radio played rock songs. Like the intro riffs. Verse vocals nice and textured. - MarsDictators from Norwich, New York on 13Jun2008

Good dynamics and chorus
I liked the melodic intro into the heavy part, good dynamics. The dual guitar parts seemed to work pretty well in the verse and chorus, has the hooky open vocals that caught my attention, bridge part was alright, really liked the melodic break before the last chorus, very good dynamics for this type of song- mhalsdor from San Diego, California on 12Jun2008

nice arrangement
this song is full of surprisingly good ideas all put together very professionally. The production is outstanding. Meaning the mix and tonality of the instruments is excellent. The vocals are really great. very engaging/compelling. The lyrics really created the mood of this tune as much as the music. I think this band will find great success in the music industry. - towerdutydad from Unspecified on 9Jun2008

Powerful Rock with great dynamics, MODERN!!!
Wow, very nice production, so clear everything! How do you do that?? I want to sound like this! :) I love the voice, and the effects u use, great! The song is powerful, great dynamics! I like the lyrics, it..s something that I can follow, production and mix is GREAAAT!!! All the effects give a very modern impression and a wonderful mood. GREAT!!! - MSTR from Neuoetting, Germany on 9Jun2008

Rock and Roll
I like the mood of this song. It has a very good feel to it. I think the drumming is awesome and really is the highlight. Awesome song all around. I could definitely hear this on the radio. - dgoad1 from Port Hueneme, California on 9Jun2008

nice, nice, nice!
great kick into the song!! i LOVE what both guitars are doing! Lyrics: pretty good actually i like what he's saying! Mix: nice, i can hear all instruments clearly and vocals are very nicely mixed in too!! drums are kickin... i LOVE the guitars soooo much! reminds me of 'a day to remember'!! mood: vocalist sets NICE emotion there and makes me feel like life isnt fair and i wanna scream about it! makes me feel good somehow! i LOVE this song - 5 stars! - bigbassbaby from Asheville, North Carolina on 9Jun2008

You guys are very good - simple. You've definitely got a radio friendly sound and your style is quite modern so I think you can go far. Strong performance all round, even if it aint really my thing, I know that you do what you do well. - vincentband from Australia on 3Jun2008

Sounds very good.
Ok LOVE that very short intro off-beat hook! Vocals are very good, like the way he sings "listening" just before the chorus. The mix is very good. Everythings clear and sounds where it should be. Who do you sound like? Well, your chorus makes me think of a band like Fall Out Boy or another punk band. - dvreaux from Brandon, Mississippi on 23May2008

I love the opening riff very strong vocals, fits very well with this tune, i like how the music mixes up a bit at the change in the verse it keeps my ear from drifting too far. excellent layout i could make up some criticism to balance my review but you don't deserve it kick ass. - Simpleassuicide from Cache Valley, Utah on 20May2008

i like!
everything fits well the mood is uplifting makes we wanna run for some reason haha sound abit, story of the year - MrSportsman from Unspecified on 20May2008

You guys are pretty polished, I can tell that this band has good chemistry, cus this is TIGHT! The song is played great, the pre-chorus beat is pretty cool. Hard to pick an exact band you guys sound like, kinda like Daughtry I guess. Good song. - Detorsion from Brooks, Alberta, Canada on 12May2008

Incredibly Catchy
The music on this one is great. And the vocal doesn't disappoint, either. I tried to explain this in my first review of the pair. I have no problem with espousing your beliefs in song, just make it a good song. That's exactly what this band has done. Everything about this song is catchy. I would definitely listen to this song again. Terrific tune. - motownj from San Ramon, California on 7May2008 - garageband.com


"We Create Monsters, Not Machines"
released June 13, 2009

The first radio single from the album that was released in early August 2009.

Radio airplay: Call your local radio stations and request "Monsters" by Burning Yesterday



We Create Monsters, Not Machines

Its a statement, not just a bunch of words, its a way of life. So many people become machines, programmed by everything we see in
todays media and pop culture. We have become a self- absorbed, selfish, money hungry generation that will stop at nothing to get
what we want. Sex sells so lets exploit it. Love failed you so lets destroy it... Dont like yourself? Ok, pop this pill and problem solved.
Our Generation teaches our little girls that they have to be objects of desire or look a certain way to be accepted, that they are'nt
beautiful unless they are a size 2. Society teaches our boys that it's ok to lust after girls and encourages them to find as many sexual
partners as possible.

After all of this we step back and ask ourselves why drug and alchohol abuse is so out of control. We ask why
Divorce is more common than long lasting Christian rooted marriages. We question the fact that teen pregnancy is occurent
now more than ever.

From the day we are born we are exposed and molded. We are made into machines of this world. But today, this day We create
Monsters not Machines. People who are stronger, happier, with boldness, people who are free from anger, depression, lust, low
self esteem.

We Create Monsters for Christ not Machines of this world.

Burning Yesterday is a Nashville based band with a modern rock sound and an unforgettable stage presence that will leave you
utterly captivated with emotional intrigue. Many people find it hard to pin point musical comparisons as their style is as varied as
their influences. Those who see them can't get enough, those who hear them are left wanting more, but those who get to know
Burning Yesterday see a genuine people with a genuine concern for their needs. The hearts cry of Burning Yesterday is to touch the
lives of youth around the globe. In their upcoming album “We Create Monsters Not Machines” the focus is on encouraging those
who are ensnared by depression, anger, loneliness or insecurities to cry out for help from Jesus Christ and from others.
As Jimmy (vocals) explains himself, “It breaks my heart to see people hurting. I understand what they're going through, and I truly
know how they can be whole again.”

We Create Monsters Not Machines”was produced by Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., Disciple, Pillar,Since October,10 Years). With a style that is
filled with modern rock sound, inspiring vocal imaging and a powerful, dramatic presence, this album is set to dominate in the Christian music
marketplace. Each song breaks down emotional boundaries and begs the listener to no longer be silent, but to cry out for help.
Burning Yesterday hopes their audience will be pulled into a deeper more honest relationship with God. Sometimes we try to hide
from God and others what we are truly feeling, but the truth is, He already knows. The beauty is, He already cares!"Burning Yesterday's
next step is to begin touring in support for the debu album "We Create Monsters not Machines. The band has had extensive touring
experience playing in numerous small and large venues including churches, festivals, youth gatherings and arenas. They have shared the
stage with some of the biggest artists in the Christian industry including Red, Disciple, Skillet, Since October, Manic Drive,
Thousand Foot Krutch, Spoken, Children 18:3, Seventh Day Slumber, and many more artists. As Burning Yesterday tours the nation
and shares their testimonies of breaking free from being a programmed generation, and encourage their audiences that are longing
for someone to hear, someone to answer, and or for someone to help. These young people may be involved in occult practices,
drug usage, eating disorders and/or cutting. They can flock to the concerts of Burning Yesterday because there, they will hear the