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"Burn In Silence- Pure As Your First Day (demo)"

Burn In Silence - Pure As Your First Day (Demo)


Bostonilainen Burn In Silence on tällä ensimmäisellä demollaan saanut tuottajaksi, myös Noisen lukijoille tutun herran, joka tottelee nimeä Ken Susi. Ken on saanut yhtyeestä aikamoisen otteen ja se kuuluu. Jälki näillä kolmella kappaleella on sen verran vakuuttavaa, että joudun oikeastaan kyseenalaistamaan yhtyeen neitseellisyyden. Soundit ovat mukavan kirkkaat, vaikkakin asiaan kuuluvan tunkkaiset. Siis tasapainoisella tavalla. Olisihan tuota pakettia voinut varmasti hioa vaikkapa tuohikuun pukinpäivään asti, mutta miksi, sillä brutaalin ulosannin ja hienoisen tunkkaisuuden yhdistelmä toimii tässä tapauksessa erittäin hyvin.
Primal Human Pain on oikeastaan varsin rujo avaus demolle. Riffit sinkoilevat, tai no ei ne nyt millään muotoa sinkoile, ihan kuosissa ne ovat. Kitaristi Mike Casavant soittaa isolla intensiteetillä ja vokalisti Chris Harrell suoltaa enimmäkseen murinaan kallellaan olevia osuuksiaan todella selkeästi. Tykkään siitä, että vaikka muristaan, niin hommasta saa tolkun ja tällä julkaisulla ulosanti todella toimii. On siellä tosin pienoinen puhdas osuus mukana, mutta annettakoon se anteeksi.

Raidoista keskimmäinen, eli Lost One on temmoltaan hieman katkotun oloinen, eikä ihan niin tarttuva kuin avausralli. Mutta kappale tarjoaakin enemmän haastetta kuulijalle. Riffien velositeetti on huomattavasti isompaa nopeissa kohdissa ja raskaampaa raskaissa kohdissa. Rumpali Jon Acorn soittaa ajoittain sellaisella vauhdilla, että se saa minut odottamaan koska herran tahdit menevät solmuun. Vaan eivät ne mene.

Self Reliance on yhdistelmä kahta aiempaa kappaletta ja niiden parhaita ominaisuuksia. Tarttuva, nopea ja katkottu. En löydä näistä kolmesta kappaleesta heikkoa kohtaa. Ainoastaan koskettimien ajoittainen käyttö olisi saanut jäädä toteuttamatta. Mutta kun herrat ovat ne mukaan halunneet, niin mikäs siinä, antaa palaa vaan. Voin lämpimästi suositella ainakin nettisinkkuun tutustumista, mutta älkää antako tuon ensimmäisen kappaleen tarttuvuuden liikaa hämätä itseänne. Yhtyeellä on yllätyskortti käytettävissään. Tosin sitä varten joudutte hankkimaan kyseisen demon.

4 out of 5 stars

- http://www.noise.fi/levyarvostelut/?id=3844

"Pure As Your First Day"

As metalcore continues to explode, it becomes harder and harder for bands to find a "sound of their own". Far too many bands are okay with providing cut and paste formulas from the bigger bands in the scene. Thankfully, Burn In Silence is not one of these bands. While elements of Bleeding Through and Unearth can be heard, this hits levels of aggression those two do not come near.

So what makes Burn In Silence more palatable than so many other emmerging metalcore bands? Unearth's Ken Susi produced this (and will be producing their upcoming full length), giving it a clear sound not often heard in a demo. It also shows where the Unearth similarities come from. They incorporate subtle keyboards a la Bleeding Through that add a haunting atmosphere without coming across as cheesy or over-the-top. While one section of "Lost One" sounds directly ripped from This is Love, This is Murderous, they abruptly depart with the thing I love most about this demo: double-bass blasting and near death metal riffing! They even use a few effective gutteral growls to augment this brutality. The use of these two elements throughout the demo will certainly aid in differentiating the band from countless others. The final track, "Self Reliance", builds upon this foundation the strongest and comes across in my mind as the best song here.

The one thing that does sound an alarm in my head is the opening track, "Primal Human Pain". They use some clean vocals here, though admittedly they aren't the super-happy types currently flourishing in the scene. They are used in good taste and do not subvert the more brutal aspects so I this continues on the future disc and they do not succumb to planting them in every song.

Overall, this is a very promising demo and one of the best metalcore bands I've heard recently. I"m really looking forward to hearing what happens on their full length! Check it out for yourself at www.burninsilence.com

Standout Track: Self Reliance - http://www.harm.us

"Various Awards At Garageband.com"

Best ranking: #8 of 506 in Metal on May 9 2004

Track Of The Day: Jan 20 2004

Track Of The Week: Mar 15 2004

All-time ranking: #16 of 7,262 in Metal

Best ranking: #8 of 506 May 9 2004


- Garageband.com

"Firing Squad"

Burn In Silence, Pure As Your First Day-
"Burn In Silence only further the theory that Massachusetts has some secret compound where metalcore bands are born and bred. The band blend neo-Transylvanian Gothen-Thrash with conventional modern "hardcore" via face smashing breakdowns, double-bass and slayer riffs. Elements of bands like The Red Chord, Diecast, Shadows Fall and Unearth (Ken Susi recorded this tough-guy gem) are each a piece of this metalcore puzzle and it all works rather well. Clean vocals penetrate through murderous bellows as the remaining members overlay scrupulously arranged backups. Combined with death blasts and a furious executioner-style crunch, the band is onto something they should stick to. We'll see what the full-length has to offer."

Dave Brenner (metal maniacs)
- Metal Maniacs


Boston's very own, BURN IN SILENCE are emerging from the scene with their three song EP, "Pure as Your First Day." Their live shows are also beginning to severely buzz among the scene followers and with Ken Susi (of UNEARTH fame) producing this effort, good things are just around the corner for this metal/hardcore based band. Their imposing sound has similarities to other bands like the incumbent DIECAST, GOD GORBID and of course, UNEARTH. Spiraling guitars, industrial styled layering and ultra intimidating vocals permeate this three song EP. Their hailstorm of sound is a prime example of how bands can combine the devastating characteristics of hardcore but with the precision of metal. The only problem with the record is it's short-lived existence. Three songs just isn¹t enough to fully appreciate their talent. According to their web site though, a full length is on the way with Ken Susi producing once again. Pick up this teaser before the full length comes out.

by: Brodie Holmen. - East Coast Romper (www.ecromper.com)

"BURN IN SILENCE- Pure As Your First Day"

Featuring ex-membership from Boston-based acts Carv and Changing Skin, comes the twice as aggressive Burn In Silence, who could quite possibly be one of the best unsigned metal acts in New England. Granted, with a 2-song demo, I’ve been given only a microcosm of what these guys can do (an eventual full length will display whether or not they’ll consistently deliver quality), but going on this demo alone, here’s a band that could make a dent beyond the local scene. All in all, the whole band has got their sh-t down tight, but drummer Jon Acorn, and frontman Chris Harrell shine in these two cuts. No complaints here.
–Deek www.burninsilence.com - Pure Rock Fury (www.PureRockFury.com)

"Burn In Silence"

With an EP produced by Unearth's Ken Susi already under their belts and a healthy appetite for playing out live, it's no surprise that Burn In Silence have found themselves sharing stages with Shadows Fall, Deicide, Six Feet Under and more. With a new guitarist recently added to their line-up, the brutality shows no sign of stopping yet.

Official Website:
Boston, MA
Similar To:
Unearth, Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage - The PRP - Learning Curve (http://www.theprp.com/learning/learningcurve.shtml)

"Burn In Silence"

Burn in Silence is absolutely everything you could ever want in a modern-day metalcore band. When I first heard "produced by Unearth" I said ok, I'll wait and see if this is all it's cracked up to be. And it was. Everything and more, I say with all sincerity. Like Unearth there are triumphant-sounding parts, inspiring lyrics and a solid blend of hard-hitting metal and hardcore. I'm usually not a big fan of keys in hardcore bands, but certain bands like these guys, Bleeding Through etc. have shown just how much you can do with it. They keyboards add an ambient and emotional feel to the music, and aren't overused or too loud in the mix. Their 3 song cd is an amazing moshtastic EP and I suggest you go see these guys for yourself if you don't believe me. Their site is here, where you can download the music. If you can provide any corrections or new information on this band please submit band information.



Pure as Your First Day

1. Primal Human Pain
2. Lost One
3. Self Reliance

Scale of Sickness: 9 out of 10.

Favorite song: Primal Human Pain.

Contact: - New York Hardcore Scene (www.nyhardcorescene.com/bands/BiS.htm)

"Burn In Silence, bogus rendition review"

Burn in Silence
“Pure as Your First Day”
(seems to be self released)
Burn in Silence hail from the Boston area, and deliver a sound similar to what Bleeding Through would sound like if they took a “get your shit together” slap in the face from Lamb of God. A melodic Swedish influence with keyboards and all, and brutal-ass break downs, which any hard-core-kid, would shit themselves over in happiness. Only three songs, but enough to keep any fan of metal-core happy for the time being. This band would have fit Ozzfest 2004 very well. - http://www.bogusrendition.com/


"Pure As Your First Day" 3-song demo (produced by Ken Susi of UNEARTH)

"untitled" Full Length Album as yet unreleased (produced by Ken Susi UNEARTH)



Layering intense instrumental complexities and brutally raw vocal delivery over a spine of dynamic drumming that spans from mind-blowing blastbeats to destructive breakdowns. Burn in Silence forcefully emerges from Boston into the metal/hardcore scene. Within only two months of solidifying the lineup, the band is already creating an impressive buzzwith the release of their debut EP "Pure As Your First Day" produced by Ken Susi of the Metal Blade act Unearth.

The band is comprised of Jon Acorn; drums, Mike Casavant; guitars. Allan Glassman; guitars. Chris Harrell; vocals. Max Lavelle; bass, Ben Schulkin; keyboards/electronics.

The band channels a heavy emphasis on blazing the creative boundries in their writing while maintaining the metal/hardcore roots that helped establish the genre. The combination of the technical ability and intense live energy, ignites the songs , and breathes life into the words and the stories that they tell. As artists whose skill and talent is easily comparable to that of such current metal/harcore heavy hitters as Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Unearth (of the recent MTV2 Headbangers Ball tour), and other Boston peers Diecast, Burn in Silence is presently gearing up to complete a full-length album with Susi and take the metal/hardcore genre by violent storm.