Burns Like Fire

Burns Like Fire

 Athens, Georgia, USA

We wanted to let you know we may get a little loud, we may have a lot of friends over, there might be drinking, there might be naked people on the lawn chasing each other with your garden hose. We are Athens, Georgia's Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed Punk Rock. We are Burns Like Fire.


Burns Like Fire

Its no surprise Athens is a music town. Each night musicians send rhythm and melody into the downtown air. If you saunter into the right speak easy, you may see four tattooed guys treating a stage like a trampoline, pushing rugged punk rock tunes into the ears of dancing fans. Its loud, its wild, mom may not like it, but you can't help but move to the beat. You may have stumbled into a show of one of Athens newest additions to its musical tradition, punk rock up and comers Burns Like Fire.

The band came together in late 2009. No strangers to the music scene, the group hit the ground running and has yet to look back. Frequent shows and constant promotion has led the band to early success and a growing fan base. No venue is too small and no crowd to is sparse. If the place has a PA and a spot to set up, this punk rock quartet is ready to play. The life long love of music keeps them driven, and a free bar tab never hurt either.

An amalgamation of three previous punk rock outfits, each member brings a different style to the band. Drummer Parker Bradshaw and guitarist Josh Smith most recently spent time playing for Celerity, a now defunct alternative rock band. Lead guitarist Web Couch lent his vocals and guitar riffs to the well known punk band Karbomb, while bassist Charley Ferlito preformed with the pop punk band Guff. The similar styles of these bands made it easy for the four to make their transitions, and the cohesiveness is prevalent in their music.

BLF’s sound is fast paced and energetic, with lyrics inspired by everyday events. The group is tight, well rehearsed and this fact shines through during their lively performances. The riffs are catchy but not cliché, the words are well written, and the rhythm section will defiantly get the head nodding. They are at home on stage, and interaction with the crowd is very common.

While the bands ambition toward music is fierce, they do their best not to over think things. The bands outlook on their craft is as care free as their song writing. “The whole reason we started this band is that we don’t have to take ourselves seriously,” said Parker. “We are just four guys who came together with the drive to play music. No pressure, and no expectations.”

Live shows are a big part of the BLF culture, and they get down and dirty when ever they can. They are playing 2 to 3 shows a month in Athens, but do not limit themselves to their hometown. The band has played shows all over The South east and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The band just released a four song EP called "The Year of the Rat". This CD, along with t-shirts, stickers and other BLF swag is available at their shows, but can be purchased over their Myspace page, Cd baby and itunes. The future withholds plans of writing and recording for there full length at Moathouse studios in Gainsville, Fl,with Roger Manganelli from the punk/ska band "Less than Jake". Also by the end of the year having at least 2 to 3, month long tours under there belts, and plan on having many more.


March 2010- The Year of The Rat- 5 song EP
August 2010- "King Of Satire" single
August 2011- D.F.L "LP"

We have 2 songs on frequent radio play "Bringing the Haymaker" and "King of Satire" posted on college radio stations and 96.1 Homegrown, and 100.1 The Underground.

Set List

Whiskey and War Paint
King of Satire
You and Me
Bringing the Haymaker
Losing Streak
Grey Skies
We aren't the kids we used to be
Moziltoph Cocktail
Devils Dance
Waking Up With Papercuts
In Between
Last Dance
Totally Worth It
Abandon Ship
take it off
Dreaming (cover)