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Burns Like Fire

Athens, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Athens, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Pop Punk




"Burns Like Fire Podcast"

Podcast Time! Show Highlights for this Week

Featuring Boo Ray, Twin Tigers, The HEAP, Megafauna, Burns Like Fire and more!

Hey look, a podcast! This week's broadcast includes the following tracks:

Boo Ray and the Bad Beat Kings - "Bad News Travels Fast" (40 Watt Club, May 22)

Silverbird Duo - "Sweet Delilah" (Melting Point, May 25)

Twin Tigers - "Automatic" (40 Watt Club, May 26)

Burns Like Fire - "Bringing the Haymaker" (Caledonia Lounge, May 19)

Oh, Manhattan - "Year Zero Cleansing Campaign (Caledonia Lounge, May 22)

Megafauna - "Warm House" (Caledonia Lounge, May 24)

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"Burns Like Fire Record Review"

Burns Like Fire

Year of the Rat EP

Party Hat

With members including Josh Smith (guitar, vocals) and Parker Bradshaw (drums) of Celerity as well as Web Couch (guitar, vocals) of Karbomb, Burns Like Fire has undoubtedly already begun making its way into the hearts of local pop-punk supporters. As a derivative of punk bands such as Hot Water Music, Strike Anywhere and Alkaline Trio, Burns Like Fire’s first EP, Year of the Rat, preserves the speedy pop-punk abrasiveness of its influences but can’t avoid retaining a polished commercial sheen as well. Regardless, the band's sound is sure to resonate with those of us nostalgic about late-'90s pop-punk.

Year of the Rat begins with a crooning intro about the abandonment of a professional life daydream brought by the inevitable moment of optimistically, if not recklessly, choosing to accept and embrace the left-hand path of a presumably alternative lifestyle. As the first full track, “Bringing the Haymaker,” forcefully crunches its way through steady chords and raspy heartfelt words. “We Aren’t the Kids We Used to Be” utilizes varying vocals, starting out with penetrative high-pitched singing gradually fleshed out with a series of whoah-ohs to keep the momentum sustained. The EP’s closer, “Moziltoph Cocktail,” best exemplifies the band’s capacity for pop-punk melody construction through an effective three-part vocal harmony and a full-bodied fervor of a driving bass line, racing guitars and unrelenting drums. - Jessica Smith- Flagpole Magizine

"Pick of The Week- Burns Like Fire"



A book should never be judged by its cover.

In the case of Burns Like Fire, a plethora of tattoos, cigarettes and provocative jokes should not be a reflection of the time and commitment these punk-rockers put into each and every one of their performances.

Having toured extensively since their inception last year, the band has worked tirelessly to spread their message of carefree fun and energetic, live music.

With an exuberant stage presence that makes it nearly impossible to stay in place — as well as enough charm to knock you off your feet — Burns Like Fire are well on their way to becoming one of Athens’ best known bands.

Who: Burns Like Fire, with Guff
When: Tonight at 10pm
Where: Caledonia Lounge
Price: $5 (21+) $7 (18-20) - The Red and Black

"Burns Like Fire begins first tour with EP"

Burns Like Fire begins first tour with EP

March 4, 2010 by JOE WILLIAMS
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Athens punk-rockers Burns Like Fire have a tendency to be noticed in any situation, whether it be dancing on the tables at RPM on Clayton Street — which leads to provocative gestures towards light fixtures — or finishing a show even when singer and guitarist Josh Smith is throwing up due to a potential case of food poisoning.

In the case of the latter, the audience couldn’t have been more surprised.

The members of Burns Like Fire have overcome food poisoning, solicitation and table dancing without missing a beat in their high-energy shows.Photo by: Lily Price

“We get done playing and all I feel is this hand on the back of my shoulder and I turn around and Josh is like ghost pale,” said singer and guitarist Webb Couch. “And he’s like, “we’ve got to go to the last song!”

Pushing through the physical pain — and hoping to get a touch of crowd sympathy — Smith attempted to liven the mood of Sector 7 in Augusta by asking if they had gone through food poisoning before.

Roughly 15 hands went up, but no one thought he was serious.

“We played the last song, but as soon as we finished that [song], he takes his guitar off, sets it on top of the amp and goes straight off the side of the stage and just starts throwing up,” Webb said.

“Even his tattoos were losing color,” said drummer Parker Bradshaw.

If a band’s fame is determined by the amount of tattoos and piercings they have, Burns Like Fire will have surpassed U2 and Coldplay in popularity by the end of March.

With an energetic live set that truly shows off their love for early ’90s punk-rock, as well as their passion and impressive instrumentation, the punk-rockers will be kicking off their first tour with an EP release Saturday at the Caledonia Lounge.

“Every single time we have played, and we’ve played at least 10 to 15 shows already, I have always seen someone actually bobbing their head,” Smith said. “We’ve had moshing, clapping, people jumping on stage with us — it’s to the point where it’s truly awesome.”

Their excitement and energy stems from the fact they are more than simply guys in a band — they are best friends.

Watching the band laugh and smoke cigarettes from the blue porch of their shared home, a sense of accomplishment already radiates.

With a growing selection of merchandise, their EP set to release on iTunes Saturday, a potential tour in the works with From First to Last, and a show in May with punk hero band The Business, Athens has much to anticipate from these budding rockers.

Or perhaps just their guitarist.

“This old lady gave me seven bucks at a show and I took my pants off,” Couch said between laughs. “Also, my main influence for guitar is John Stamos. And I hope that was recorded!”

Saturday will not be the first time Burns Like Fire have graced the stage of Caledonia.

Their first show was at the popular venue for rock and all things alternative, and fans from their first performance are still coming to shows today.

“The first show that we played [at Caledonia] was last year’s Halloween,” said drummer Parker Bradshaw. “It was the benefit for Jon Guthrie. We played with Guff and several other tremendous bands. I think their capacity is 180, and we had on a rotating cuff 650 people throughout the night.”

And while Burns Like Fire is looking for a label to hear their fresh approach to songwriting, their message of fun and letting loose means more to them than simply raking in the big bucks.

“We love what we do. Everything from shows, to talking about ourselves …because we love talking about ourselves,” Bradshaw jokingly said. “I would keep doing this even if I was living out of a suitcase. We all would.”

With Karbomb, The Carry-Ons, and Oh! Manhattan

When: 10 p.m Saturday

Where: Caledonia Lounge

Price: $5 - Joe Williams


March 2010- The Year of The Rat- 5 song EP
August 2010- "King Of Satire" single
August 2011- D.F.L "LP"

We have 2 songs on frequent radio play "Bringing the Haymaker" and "King of Satire" posted on college radio stations and 96.1 Homegrown, and 100.1 The Underground.



Burns Like Fire

Its no surprise Athens is a music town. Each night musicians send rhythm and melody into the downtown air. If you saunter into the right speak easy, you may see four tattooed guys treating a stage like a trampoline, pushing rugged punk rock tunes into the ears of dancing fans. Its loud, its wild, mom may not like it, but you can't help but move to the beat. You may have stumbled into a show of one of Athens newest additions to its musical tradition, punk rock up and comers Burns Like Fire.

The band came together in late 2009. No strangers to the music scene, the group hit the ground running and has yet to look back. Frequent shows and constant promotion has led the band to early success and a growing fan base. No venue is too small and no crowd to is sparse. If the place has a PA and a spot to set up, this punk rock quartet is ready to play. The life long love of music keeps them driven, and a free bar tab never hurt either.

An amalgamation of three previous punk rock outfits, each member brings a different style to the band. Drummer Parker Bradshaw and guitarist Josh Smith most recently spent time playing for Celerity, a now defunct alternative rock band. Lead guitarist Web Couch lent his vocals and guitar riffs to the well known punk band Karbomb, while bassist Charley Ferlito preformed with the pop punk band Guff. The similar styles of these bands made it easy for the four to make their transitions, and the cohesiveness is prevalent in their music.

BLF’s sound is fast paced and energetic, with lyrics inspired by everyday events. The group is tight, well rehearsed and this fact shines through during their lively performances. The riffs are catchy but not cliché, the words are well written, and the rhythm section will defiantly get the head nodding. They are at home on stage, and interaction with the crowd is very common.

While the bands ambition toward music is fierce, they do their best not to over think things. The bands outlook on their craft is as care free as their song writing. “The whole reason we started this band is that we don’t have to take ourselves seriously,” said Parker. “We are just four guys who came together with the drive to play music. No pressure, and no expectations.”

Live shows are a big part of the BLF culture, and they get down and dirty when ever they can. They are playing 2 to 3 shows a month in Athens, but do not limit themselves to their hometown. The band has played shows all over The South east and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The band just released a four song EP called "The Year of the Rat". This CD, along with t-shirts, stickers and other BLF swag is available at their shows, but can be purchased over their Myspace page, Cd baby and itunes. The future withholds plans of writing and recording for there full length at Moathouse studios in Gainsville, Fl,with Roger Manganelli from the punk/ska band "Less than Jake". Also by the end of the year having at least 2 to 3, month long tours under there belts, and plan on having many more.

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