San Diego, California, USA

7 years... 4 albums... 500 shows... 3 countries... 1 band.

Recipe for Burnt Spodie-Odie:

1 part vocals
1 part guitar
1 part drums
1 part bass
blend with fresh reggae juice
stir in soul
add a dash of punk sauce...


These days Burnt is performing as a 3-piece rock-steady reggae group. This current line-up, after 6 years of tours up and down the West Coast (from TJ to Victoria BC), has refined the sound down to raw throat, bassheavy soul, and a heartbeat groove for your dancing pleasure.

Here's some stuff people have said about us:

"This is a group that stands for everything good and righteous in our world. From spirit and social awareness to content and production...The road is foggy. And Burnt marches on. Check it. And be renewed." -S. Miller Berlin, Germany

"It’s reggae night. The first artist is Burnt, a reggae band from the Bay Area. The set was performed by the lead singer and his guitar with no backup band this time. His voice was powerful and soft. He sang songs with familiar themes to the reggae crowd. Freedom, love and revolution peppered the stories he sang."
Kyle Osborne - Glendale News Press

Burnt manages to capture the best of every genre from the underground, from reggae to punk, hip hop to ska, and much more. . . For every time I hear Burnt, the world sucks a little less. Gina Smith from Kingston, Washington

"Burnt ended the show with its original sound of roots fusion mixing everything from ska to hip hop and old school reggae into its set. The band lit up the evening resulting in lots of dance-hall dancing well into the dark."
From Bands Rock for Clean Water, Wildcoast.net

"Burnt's music calls to the American youth to dispose of the status quo and establish some alternative, a way of life more natural and righteous. Songs are politically charged, confronting social and environmental issues head on."
Katie Westfall - Surfshot Magazine - Feb. 07

"It sounds like what would have happened if Bob Marley would have hung-out with Frank Zappa..."
Ska legend Chris Murray


Uprising (Chorro 2005)

Written By: LaPorte, Franco, Siurano

hey mr. president
a message from the youth today
would you stop with your bullshit games
we need some equality.
when colombus said
he discovered america
he was a liar
when bush says he freed iraq
well that mans a liar
a liar.
freedom: a mentality
not from public policy
freedom: a mentality
don't come from no public policy.

up, put it taller
up take it higher

hey people now tell me what you see
i see polluted water rising up around me
downpressor i tell you what i see:
i see my people rising, rising up around me.
my people now i hear what you say
we head for higher ground-
i don't see no other way.
downpressor now you hear what i say
uprising uprising we risin' up today.
to the youth of america
don't it seem so strange?
we're talking revolution but we never see no change
president of america fooled us once more-
re-electecd you expect us to follow you to war.

Feelin' (Tortillas 2006)

Written By: Washington, Siurano, B-Jah

all i got is this here beat
they say my vocals is unique
still i travel by feet
meek livin' in a tent but keepin' positive works
logical perps and specs while i'm breaking my neck
'cause cold ground was my bed last night
a gold crown on my head last night
killer sound speakers bled last night
we do the works 'till you scream that's tight
whether studio stage or street corners with no amp'd up mics
i fight critics with their love for hate
shit you might feel indifferent still i'm sharing my plate
it's all love like a sexual bait
they keep bitin' at it
creative habbits got me writing words with automatik
let's start the static the krackel the pop the boom back
pockets is inside out until i make 'em clap
you know the burnt crew is outta the norm
smoke a spliff do the works and we movin' on, yo...

sometimes it's no thought just feelin'
let the blood flow let the mind...
relax and gently flow
so calmly as the breeze i know
plant a seed watch it grow
i'm on my spiritual quest and never rest 'till i get my soul
blessed to highest
remain a star
life the trinity is what we are
the sun the moon and stars
fire have fe burn
yes i know
i-tinually them fe learn
i and i
i and i...

sometimes it no thought just feelin'
when i'm moshin' in the pit the crowd surfin' hit the celing
and i strive to bring the blazin' irie vibe that's so appealing
so let the music touch your soul because you know it's healing
we are an army and so far we're hardly armed with armor
so we're gonna start another march in front of wal-mart
cause we're starving
for equal rights and justice
so i must bust these rusty cuffs
'cause the shackles in my mind only keepin' me behind
from reachin' up into the most heights devine
if i open up my spirit
and let you suckas hear it
nothing is the way that it appears so fuck appearance
that's the reason why i try to use my rhyme to fight ignorace
so sit your ass up in the back and let the fearless steer shit
as we approach the coast on the horizon shine
i and i most high, seen.

What There Is (Esperanza 2006)

Written By: Washington, Franco, Siurano, LaPorte

All choices have ends
rise and take your stance again
love touch i
i and i
and i and i give love

i love hip-hop
see i don't give a fuck 'cause i love hip-hop
after beefin' with execs shit i trash the spot
down about five blocks-
a dead stop
cars bouncin' wall to wall i get dropped
'cause the cops thinkn i'm carrying heat
due to rap status
tactics pointed at my backside
they fuckin' up my brand new ride
herb confiscated
set-up and up set
hog-tied like i post terrorist threats
all i did was break some windows and a contract
all i did was wave a bat screamin' step back
white colla niggas
they try to do me dirty
lawsuits now i'm negative a half-mil
feelin' like i'm cursed through this rhyme
still appriciating independent niggas with no deals.

all choices have ends
rise and take your stance again
love touch i
i and i
and i and i give love
no more compramise
the world is one
the earth is one
the word is one
all talking is done.

give love: all there really is
i and i give love: all there really is.


BURNT. Discography

Chorro LP (2005 Stems and Seeds)
Esperanza LP (2006 Stems and Seeds)
Tortillas LP (2007 Stems and Seeds)
Brains Keep Cookin LP (2009 Stems and Seeds)

all available via pay-pal at myspace.com/burntstemsandseeds

BURNT. - The Singles

"Lost and Found" - Surf Illustrated "Girls of the OC" DVD (2006), San Diego Soundscape CD (2007), And streaming live on Insomnia Radio.

"The Humans" - Save Darfur Compilation (2007)

Listen to Big Jim's Uptown Top Ranking on KUCI 88.9 FM and you might just hear us!

Set List

Typical Set List: Run Time- Approx. 45 mins

(NOTE: BURNT has the ability to perform up to 3 hours of original material!)

Into/Ganjamal Dub
What There Is
Truth Is
Fuck the Oilman
Chingon Mouse
Ride On
Fish Outta Water

possible covers:

Guns of Brixton (The Clash)
I and I Survive (Bad Brains)
Merry Blues (Manu Chao)
Time Tough (Toots and the Maytals)
Sun is Shining (Bob Marley)
The Humpty Dance (Digital Underground)