Burn the Wicked

Burn the Wicked


We play what we like and we don't care about anything else. Burn the Wicked is the hardest, heaviest, and most diverse metal band around. We live for our music and we put 120% into it.


Burn the Wicked started with Jeremy and Eddie with Jeremy being the creative force until Eric, Victor, and Josh joined in mid 2006. Since then, the 5 peice has played shows all over Houston, including Fitzgerald's, Jake's Bar, Java Jazz, 19th Hole, and many more. The band books all their own shows and is powered by their independance. Burn the Wicked also has a variety of different music backgrounds, everything from Punk, Thrash, Nu Metal, and some early metal. Some say Burn the Wicked sound like Crowbar but with a definite southern influence, but so far no one has been able to pinpoint the bands unique sound. With all five members active in the writing process and with so many different influences, how can you describe it.


Drown the Rest LP to be released by September, with our single "Suffer in Truth" to hit the airwaves soon after.

Set List

Set list is usually 45 minutes to an hour, with no covers. Our songs are, Bumfights, Seven Leaf Clover, Suffer in Truth, Clown Song, Price for Pain, Wake me Up, Serial Killer, and Burn