Our sound has firm roots in blues, improvisational rock and reggae. We are most accessible to rock listeners and those that enjoy a few harmless excursions into jam-land. We are actively adding new original music to our repertoire and are focused on further expanding on our capabilities as a band.


Rising from the ashes of the legendary 420 All-Stars, Doug Mock and John Mandato have been rocking Baltimore County for the last 6 years. But it wasn't until they added the bass playing of Tommy Rullo and the guitar work of Dave Rosso, that the singular musical experience that is, BurnWorthy, was born. Combining the psychedelic jams of the Grateful Dead, the blues power of the Allman Bros, the sense of whimsy of Phish, and adding their own original compositions to their set-lists, Burnworthy is an interesting band to check-out. We have been gigging as BurnWorthy for the past 6 months in Baltimore County and have been writing original music for the past year.

Check-out our Myspace page: http://myspace.com/burnworthy2008


No singles released to date. Not signed.

Set List

We usually play about 12 songs and have the ability to flex our set from 60-90 minutes.

We generally include about 6-7 original songs and 5 covers ranging from:

"So Lonely" ~ Police
"It's Not My Cross to Bear" ~ Allman Brothers Band
"AC/DC Bag" ~ Phish
"Shakedown Street" ~ Grateful Dead