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The best kept secret in music


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BURRELL (2004)
Hello, Hello, Hello (2006)

Radio Singles:
"Favorite Waste of Time" (20 weeks in swiss radio airplay charts)
"You & Me Tonight" (12 weeks in swiss airplay charts)


Feeling a bit camera shy


‘Rock City’ Lucerne, Switzerland; probably the last place you’d expect to be a breeding ground for an American modern rock sounding music. We’re talking solid & sexy rock guitars, infectious bass licks, ass kicking drums, all blending together with an addictive, unforgettable lead vocal. Some say it sounds as if part of the group’s influence comes from bands like Train, Switchfoot, Tonic, Third Eye Blind, U2 and Coldplay.

Let’s backtrack to 2004 when all the members came together. Sharing the same passion, desire and drive in making music, the band from the word ‘go’ simply left the competition in the dust. This was mostly due to the band’s consistent rotation on the countries top radio stations, along with the groups regular appearances on prime time television. As a result, they quietly built an enormous fan base that continues to grow by the day. To many, this fan base is not surprising when you look at the band’s schedule of sold out tour dates that stretch across Switzerland throughout Germany and Italy. While playing large venues, they also enjoy throwing in a couple of small intimate, three-hour-small-club-shows, taking a break from the huge-festival-green day-like-supporting-gigs. If you haven’t seen one of their shows, all I can tell you is there’s nothing like seeing this band pleasantly explode on the big stage.

This September the foursome has released its highly anticipated second album “Hello, Hello, Hello”. The new songs pick up where the last ones left off, while possessing more of a fresh musical profoundness and versatility that simply gives this sound more balls. Brute like the title track and the culturally critical “Crime” or dreamy on “High as the Moon” and the pitiful “I’m raining”. Here’s a grown band who knows how to combine stories from everyday life with smart and manifold arrangements. And although there are always new things to discover even after listening it for the umpteenth time, these musicians never lose the focus on the song. It’d be easy to go on but this band’s music simply speaks for itself. Without need of verbal fanfare, they effortlessly let their songs do all the talking.

Here’s one of the most promising young acts coming from Central Europe and they’re going to be around for awhile. Not only due to their obvious talent, but also because they love and know what they’re doing.
Armed to the teeth with amazing tunes and roaring amps BURRELL is ready to conquer your world.