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QUOTES BURRITO DELUXE (working ) 9 11 06

“Disciples of the Truth is filled with tight lyrics, stunning images, enticing messages, and plenty of blues piano and rockin’ guitars. As a whole, Burrito Deluxe assembles on stage as a group of high-class, seasoned performers with
Incredible musical chops and backgrounds. Call it country roots. Call it rock roots. Call it good music.” - Kelly Ann Monahan, Music News Nashville

“The band is a pretty impressive bunch, and the joy of this album is the ensemble playing. There’s a terrific vibe throughout, lots of nimble playing, but
nothing excessive or too indulgent.”- Julie Flaskett, Country Music People
( U.K)

“Though their music might not fit into one specific genre, suffice it to say that their songs make up a great big burrito deluxe filled with musical influences from all over the board, meant to be enjoyed and savored.” - Estella Pan, Star Country!

“Many thought Burrito Deluxe was just another attempt to cash in on an outfit that had developed a substantial cult following, and many were wrong as the albums “Georgia Peach” (2002) and “The Whole Enchilada” (2004) clearly proved. These guys really could play real vintage country rock with a contemporary edge. Though Kleinow retired from performing last year the band proved they could carry on, going from strength to strength, without their inspiration. The proof of just how great these guys sound is found on “Disciples Of The Truth” with twelve tracks that beautifully recreate the “Golden Age of Country Rock.”- Pete Smith, Country Music Roundup ( U.K)

“I would recommend that everybody goes to see Burrito Deluxe when they are on tour, they are absolutely brilliant!” - Mary Arnold, Country Music & More
( U.K).

“Carlton Moody and the boys whisk through “Encino,” a country rock number where age or passing of an era matter not. So well it flows – Maurice Hope, Country Music Roundup ( U.K.)

“The CD is worth having in your collection for the musicianship alone, add to that the great vocals, and you have what I call a great album, which if there is any justice should be a winner for them.” John Brookfield, Pathfinder ( U.K.)

“We attended the VIP evening with Burrito Deluxe as they filmed their DVD
concert, and were treated to a rousing good time and a superb performance from the band. “Wichita,” was indeed a standout from the much-anticipated album.”- Hannah Valize, Country Music Roundup ( U.K.)
- various publications

"Burrito Deluxe"

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Burrito Deluxe - Disciples Of The Truth
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist
Burrito Deluxe is set to release their keenly awaited follow-up to The Whole Enchilada. That polished 2004 release drew wide international interest and whetted the musical appetite of both fans and critics. The same is expected for their new album. Disciples of the Truth (Luna Chica Records) which is street bound on February 27.
The band is one strong, tight and solid outfit. The guys offer a fusion of twang-led country, Americana and roots, all delivered on an album the musical fraternity will repeat play for the craftsmanship and listeners will enjoy for its sheer melodic and catchy toe-taping fare. This is a great album. And I know because friends, those who play in bands, have been raving about it. And if musos rave, then it’s a signpost we may.
And they’re right.
The band on the CD–“Stick” Davis (bass and vocals), Richard Bell (piano, organ, clavinet and accordion) Walter Egan (guitar and vocals), lead vocalist Carlton Moody (guitar, banjo and mandolin) and Bryan Owings on drums – bring a honed edge to the album. These guys are musical royalty with an extensive pedigree that has seen them play and back the best in most musical genres. The life-long apprenticeship has served them well, as they pump crafted life in to the album’s 12 tracks.
Produced by Greg Archilla, himself ably credentialed with studio references from Matchbox 20 and Neil Young to name two, has welded a tight sound on this, the band’s third release. Tracks like the current radio play, “Disciples Of The Truth”, primed and pure with Moody’s resonant voice is a winner. Written by Tommy Conners and noted Texan, Clay Blaker, the tune paints a musician passing a marriage and a day job, only to land with a guitar in the honky tonks and late night dives, only to go full circle and appreciate that which he was looking for was closer than he knew. It’s an irony that road weary wannabees on the treadmill of one-night plays, wasted days and lost weekends could relate to easily.
With a host of noted players, including “Sneaky” Pete Kleinow the band member who sadly passed away January 6, 2007 ( he gave the band its name from a Flying Burrito Bros album, a band he had legendary association with), his sound legacy lives on here with a seasoned mix of known and soon-to-be favorites.
With not a dud in the pack, the album begins its spirited start with the Cajun-fired and accordion-fused “Out of The Wilderness”. Across the album, one that has chosen wisely in songwriters and content, the tempo builds and falls, always offering a perfect blend of thoughtful lyrics, decisive playing and rich harmony. Simply, this is an impressive album.
Tracks like “Sun Will Rise”, written by Edwin McCain, and personal favorite, the rockin’ good tale of “feeling whole and holy”, the Walter Egan sung, “On A Roll”, are an imprint that reads “class act”. Mellow moments, and there are a couple of gems here, are heard on the dewy “Front Row Seats To Heaven”, “Wichita”, a polished harmony tune telling of love lost by shifting the compass, while “Who’s Gonna Love You” is a deep and moody nod to unanswered questions of the heart.
Why waste words here. It’s 5 out of 5. It’s stellar. It’s sharp, moody and tuneful; it’s a cut, no, a deep slice way above what Nashville’s churning out lately. These guys have the miles on the clock, the lines on their faces, and the music in their hearts.
Do yourself the favor and thank me later. Get this one.

1. Out of the Wilderness
2. Sun Will Rise
3. Front Row Seats to Heaven
4. Disciples of the Truth
5. Wichita
6. On a Roll
7. When the Summers Over
8. Encino
9. When It Comes Down on You
10. Wrong Side of Town
11. Midnight at a Red Light
12. Whos Gonna Love You

- Country Stars Online

"Burrito Deluxe Disciples of the Truth"

Burrito Deluxe - Disciples of the Truth
> By Rebecca Hosking

> Being a huge Flying Burrito Brothers, fan I took notice of the band when I
> was reading their bio and saw they took the name Burrito Deluxe from the
> 1970 album. I like the feel of that album and they keep with the charm on
> this CD. This is highly influenced by the late great Gram Parsons. The
> band displays incredible appreciation for Gram’s talent and throws in a
> snazzy style they can proudly call their own.
> This band shares their convictions to move you on a spiritually and socially
> conscience level. The first track, Out of the Wilderness, is talking about
> a redeemed person. I found it to be a born again adventure of a long road
> of sin that brought him to his sanctimonious state of today. There were
> very clear pictures and vivid lines that show, not tell, what is on his
> mind. They pick up the tempo on the title track Disciples of the Truth.
> There was a tightly executed jam session of blues piano and rockin’ guitars.
> My favorite of the entire CD was Midnight at a Red Light, I thought it was
> a very clever hook that grabbed my attention and Who’s Gonna Love You was a
> long bitter road of betrayal and absolution. Both are incredibly written
> with stunning images and upbeat toe tapping rhythms. I like the vocals and
> instrumentation of this CD. It appears to be very well thought out and
> implemented with precision and grace.
> These boys have definitely lived up to their influences and would have done
> Gram proud. They have tight lyrics, enticing messages, and highly
> professional performance. Can’t take much away from them and highly
> recommend a listen. I myself went out and bought previous albums as I was
> so impressed with this one.
- Rebecca Hosking

"Burrito Deluxe Disciples of the Truth"


New Music Weekly
March 30, 2007
by Chuck Dauphin

Have you ever picked up an album and felt a bond so familiar that made you think ‘Where have I heard this before?’ While Burrito Deluxe is relatively a new group (formed in 2000), the inspiration is legendary. Founded by “Sneaky” Pete Kleinow, the band was designed around his legendary steel playing in the Flying Burrito Brothers back in the 1960s. If the names Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, and Chris Etheridge ring a bell to you, then you know about the Flying Burrito Brothers. If not---think of the classic California style of music that was later popularized by acts like the Eagles, Poco, and Pure Prairie League, and there you have it. In the late 60s, the mixture of Country and Rock that these guys fused together made for some classic moments on record.

The members of Burrito Deluxe might not have been there for that era, but they have musical resumes a mile long---separately. Featuring Carlton Moody (the Moody Brothers), Walter Egan (“Magnet and Steel”), Jeff “Stick” Davis (the Amazing Rhythm Aces), Richard Bell (Janis Joplin Full Tilt Boogie Band), and drummer Bryan Owings (Delbert McClinton, Shelby Lynne), the group is long on experience and skill. Even so, there have been countless instances of bands with impressive pedigrees that just don’t strike a universal chord.

Burrito Deluxe is not one of those bands. Starting with the lead track, “Out Of The Wilderness,” it’s apparent that the band comes together on a very natural level. Moody’s lead vocals are very traditional Country, but one can also hear a hint of the style the band was formed upon. “Sun Will Rise” is chock full of classic 70s sensibilities, as well. The lyrics, courtesy of Edwin McCain, are equally strong as well. He showcases the proper amount of emotion on “Front Row Seats To Heaven,” then turns bluesy on the Texas Roadhouse feel of the title cut. Musically, he excels as well with some nice banjo work on “On A Roll,” a track featuring the time-tested vocals of Egan.

Lyrically, the group knows they are just as good as the material they surround themselves with, and with songwriters represented on DISCIPLES OF THE TRUTH like Rob Crosby, Clay Blaker, Roxie Dean, and Rivers Rutherford, they rise to the occasion with some cream-of-the-crop material. Longtime Pirates Of The Mississippi front man Bill McCorvey contributes the haunting “When The Summer’s Over,” my favorite track off the disc, and Robert Ellis Orrall pitches in with the swamp-ish “Who’s Gonna Love You.” Besides the songwriters, the guest musician list isn’t anything to sneeze at either. Cindy Cashdollar, Joy Lynn White, and the timeless steel work of Al Perkins get their individual moments in the spotlight, and each more than deliver.

It’s interesting to listen to Burrito Deluxe with 2007 ears, because to mine they sound very much Country as anything that gets played on the radio today. If you go back a few decades or so, it wasn’t so. It’s amazing how things have changed since the 1993 Eagles tribute COMMON THREAD was released, showing how Country acts were influenced from outside what was considered Country at the time---and as great as the Eagles were (and are)…this is where the style was born! Pick up a copy of DISCIPLES OF THE TRUTH……You’ll enjoy it!

- New Music Weekly

"BD press review"


All Music Guide
March 2007
Review by Thom Jurek

First the tough news: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, one of the founders of this band — and the Flying Burrito Brothers with Gram Parsons, passed away before this recording was issued. Kleinow was 72, and died from Alzheimer's disease in a nursing home. While he is credited here as playing pedal steel, he never really finished the sessions as a full bandmember. Mike Daly, Al Perkins, Daniel Dugmore, and Cindy Cashdollar all play pedal steel and dobro. That said, Garth Hudson is also absent here for the first time and has been replaced by Richard Bell. The other addition is rocker Walter Egan playing lead guitar and singing backing vocals. Jeff "Stick" Davis is on bass, Bryan Owings is the band's permanent drummer, but Rick Lonow is back helping out as is Richard Ferreira. The backing vocalists are a stellar group that includes Joy Lynn White, who can be heard best on the beautiful "Wichita," one of the album's standout cuts. Sonically, this band carries a country rock torch, but it's more on the hard country side of rock than vice versa. The guitars all ring, the pedal steels whine, and the harmony vocals twang. There are some solid rockers, though. One is Egan singing lead on "On a Roll," a song he co-wrote with Rick Schell (who does the backing vocal). The forlorn, road-weary "Out of the Wilderness" that opens the set, was penned by Bell and Colin Linden. It's followed by Edwin McCain's "Sun Will Rise," a rock & roll country song. "Wichita," as previously mentioned, is a sure pick, and it may be the finest vocal performance by Carlton Moody on the record. If there's hope for a hit and a solid video, this song paints as sad a picture as one is likely to get from a country song. White's vocal comes off as a ghostly presence as Moody sings about the woman he left behind. He plays some gorgeous mandolin on the set as well. The bottom line is that while Kleinow is a giant presence and certainly an influence on most of the steel players who are here filling his shoes, it's Moody's voice, Bell's amazing keyboard skills, and the wise addition of Egan as a guitarist and singer that make this a country music supergroup. Disciples of the Truth is a fine step forward and gives every indication that this band has no intention of slowing down.

- All music guide

"Planet Hollywood and Disneyland Paris Host Grand Celebration for Carlton Moody and Burrito Deluxe"

Planet Hollywood And Disneyland Paris Host Grand Celebration for Carlton Moody And Burrito Deluxe

PARIS, France (Nov. 28, 2006) – When Carlton Moody – golden-voiced lead singer of BURRITO DELUXE – was honored recently with dual awards for his role in bringing live country music to Europe, dignitaries traveled from all over the Continent and beyond to congratulate him and to document what turned into an unforgettable evening.

"It is a wonderful day for us, as it is for all of country music," said Gilbert Rouit, Talent Casting / Disneyland Resort Paris, as he presented Moody with a large bronze "Mickey" during a VIP reception at Planet Hollywood Disneyland Resort Paris, where Carlton has enjoyed a special relationship since the park’s opening in 1992.

The President of CMA France, Gerard Vanderborck, followed that presentation with the International Country Artist Achievement Award. "Today is a great day for country music in Europe, the U.S. and especially in France – for all of country music," Vanderborck said. "For the past 15 years, Carlton has truly served as an ambassador by bringing high- caliber country musicians to France and the rest of Europe."

The nearly 100 guests at the invitation-only reception included Pascal Fliche, Vice President Euro Disney in charge of Disney Village; Paige Cofrin, President / Luna Chica Records (U.S.); Bobbi Boyce, International Director / Country Music Association (U.K.); recording artist Rachael Warwick (U.K.); European promoters Albi Matter (Switzerland), Peter Phillips (UK) and Jean- Claude Paulin du Besset (France); journalists / radio programmers Lee Williams / CMR Nashville (London), Kenneth Lundstrom / Falu Kuriren (Sweden) and dozens of the French media; Christian Yuill of Impressive Records (UK); and Martha Moore of so much MOORE media (U.S.).

After the reception, BURRITO DELUXE hit the stage at Billy Bob’s in Disney Village, delivering a sizzling one- hour concert that served as the European launch for its stunning new CD, DISCIPLES OF THE TRUTH (Luna Chica). The capacity crowd rocked to the new album in its entirety, plus a few extra songs, as performed by Moody (vocals, guitars, mandolin) and Walter Egan (electric guitar, vocals), Supe Granda (bass), Marty Grebb (keyboards) and Bryan Owings (drums).

- press review

"Interview w/ BD"

An Interview With Burrito Deluxe

In a ritzy rehearsal studio, somewhere south of Nashville, Burrito Deluxe are putting the finishing touches on a sound check and preparing themselves for a press reception and upcoming European tour. Now, Burrito Deluxe are no spring chickens. According to a jocular Carlton Moody, lead singer and formerly with the Moody Brothers for years and years, they have “about 175 years experience in the music business between them.” Walter Egan and Carlton Moody, guitarist and lead singer respectively, jump off stage to talk to AMC about their plans.

“We have this incredible European tour coming up which is very exciting for all of us. You know we have all been doing this music thing for a long time so to get to go play overseas to audiences who really appreciate the whole country rock thing is very cool”. Egan agrees, “Audiences in Europe definitely get what we are doing. We understand the legacy of Gram Parsons and it comes through in our music and so do the fans over there.”

Burrito Deluxe the band was formed in 2000 by ‘Sneaky’ Pete Kleinow (since retired), with the name coming from the title of the Flying Burrito Brothers’ 1970 album, Burrito Deluxe. The band has recorded two critically acclaimed albums: 2002’s Georgia Peach, a tribute to Gram Parsons; and 2004’s The Whole Enchilada, which included keyboard guru Garth Hudson of The Band. The new album Burrito Deluxe is recording for Luna Chica Records with producer Greg Archilla (Matchbox 20, Neil Young, Santana, Collective Soul) might be their best yet, if the MP3 samples are anything to go by.

Carlton Moody, the guitarist, mandolin player and lead singer of Burrito Deluxe, is also the founder and front man of the internationally acclaimed Moody Brothers. Walter Egan shares the electric guitar work and adds lead and harmony vocals. Egan’s ties to the Burrito legacy run deep. He co-wrote "Hearts on Fire," recorded by Gram Parsons on his last album, Grievous Angel. Jeff Davis anchors the Burrito Deluxe sound on electric and upright bass. He also contributes to the wonderful vocal blend. Davis, a founding member of the Amazing Rhythm Aces, has worked with several music biz heavyweights, including John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and Al Green. Canadian Richard Bell on piano was a member of Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks in the late 60’s, as well as Janis Joplin’s Full Tilt Boogie Band. He played on Joplin’s final album, Pearl.

For Moody and Egan the Burrito Deluxe experience has rejuvenated their passion for the music business. “It has been remarkable”, says Moody. “We didn’t really know each other until we got together as a band. I mean we knew of each other, and respected everyone as players, but we didn’t know how the chemistry would work. And being older has been a definite advantage--we appreciate what we are doing--I think it’s true to say that we have found our own sound and created a unit on stage that is still evolving. “It’s cool,” says Egan, “ we may even be heading to Japan. I have a yen to go there.” Boom Boom.

Walter Egan remembers Gram Parsons

“In late 1970, when I had just completed my studies at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., my band Sageworth was playing the Georgetown club circuit at the same time as a young folksinger named Emmylou Harris. She was singing a Judy Collins type of repertoire, very ethereal. She even played the Burt Bacharach favorite "I'll Never Fall in Love Again." At that time I was under the influence of the latest advancement in folk-rock as purveyed by the Byrds and that new group with the funny name, the Flying Burrito Brothers. What these two had in common was a guy named Gram Parsons. It was he who had steered the Byrds (one of my favorite groups) away from the psychedelic folk-rock of songs such as "Eight Miles High" and into the strange territory of, of all things, country and western music (as it was called) with the album Sweetheart of the Rodeo in 1968. And so for the first time I took C&W seriously.

Fast forward to the winter of '70-'71 when Emmy was gigging at a place called Clyde's in Georgetown, and she is approached by one Chris Hillman, who's Flying Burritos are playing down the street at the Cellar Door. By now Gram has left and is starting his solo career...and in fact when Chris hears Emmy sing he thinks he has found the female foil for Gram. After Chris left that fateful night Emmy admitted to me that she didn't know who this Gram Parsons guy was. You've come to the right place, I tell her, and proceed to have her come back to Sageworth House (as we called it) on Wisconsin Avenue and listen to my collection of Gram on record, all the while extolling the virtues of this man, my last idol.

The following week Gram came to town and met with Emmy who again was singing at Clyde's on M Street. I happened to be there that night as well, and was of course thrilled to meet this guy whom I had admired from afar for two or three years now. The discussion turned to the prospect of them getting together to harmonize a bit, but they needed a place that was centrally located since Gram was staying in Baltimore and Emmy had a place out of town. So I offered my house, my band's house, Sageworth House.

I was understandably excited the next day as I let this cool, charismatic customer in his Nudie jacket into the house and directed him to our psychedelically painted kitchen where Emmy was waiting for him. As they sat down and began to sing I was all but pinching myself that this was really happening, Gram Parsons was in my kitchen! The first song they tried was the George Jones/ Gene Pitney duet "That's All It Took," then moving on to “Sweet Dreams”; and what a sound they made, their voices caressing one another in sympathetic harmony. It was truly a moment in country rock history, and I had a front row seat all to myself.”

American Music Channel | Web Site
Andrew Vaughan

- American Music Channel


BURRITO DELUXE EP (self-titled) recorded 2010
WHOLE ENCHILADA CD released 2004
GEORGIA PEACH CD released 2002




The country-rock music of Burrito Deluxe is at once both fresh and familiar, comforting and exciting. Chances are, you’ve been listening to these guys for a good part of your life, possibly without realizing it. Their combined resumes read like a “Who’s Who” of popular music.

Burrito Deluxe was founded around the signature sound of “Sneaky” Pete Kleinow, pedal steel guitar legend and co-founder – with Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman and Chris Ethridge – of the Flying Burrito Brothers. The group’s innovative, California-styled sound heralded the arrival of country rock and influenced a whole generation of later bands, including the Eagles, Pure Prairie League, Poco and many others. Although “Sneaky” Pete retired from active performing in late 2005, the style he helped pioneer reverberates in the sounds of today’s Americana music and Burrito Deluxe.

“Sneaky” Pete christened the band Burrito Deluxe in 2000, taking its name from the title of the Flying Burrito Brothers’ 1970 album. The band has recorded three critically acclaimed albums: 2002’s Georgia Peach, a tribute to Gram Parsons; and 2004’s The Whole Enchilada and their current release Disciples of the Truth (The last known recording of Sneaky Pete). All three albums have sold well, and have established the band’s reputation around the globe. Through multiple appearances at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and well received shows at both the 2005 and 2006 Americana Music Conferences in Nashville, and the 2007 CMA Music Festival (Fan Fair), Burrito Deluxe have solidified a healthy fan base.

CARLTON MOODY, the guitarist, mandolin player and lead singer of Burrito Deluxe, has a rich, resonant baritone voice that brings an intimate quality to even the more rocking numbers. He is also the founder and front man of the internationally acclaimed Moody Brothers, who have received multiple Grammy® nominations and performed at such prestigious settings as the White House and the Grand Ole Opry.

WALTER EGAN shares the electric guitar work and adds lead and harmony vocals. Egan’s ties to the Burrito legacy run deep. He co-wrote, “Hearts on Fire,” recorded by Gram Parsons on his last album, Grievous Angel. Egan rose to fame with the million-selling single “Magnet and Steel,” co-produced by Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. Egan has recorded eight solo CDs and performed with Jackson Browne, Spirit, Wanda Jackson and Linda Ronstadt.

MICHAEL "SUPE" GRANDA anchors the Burrito Deluxe sound on electric bass. He also contributes to the wonderful vocal blend. Granda, a founding member of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, is a songwriter in his own right. The Ozarks are well-known for the song “Jackie Blue” and “If you want to get to Heaven you’ve got to raise a little Hell.”

RICK LONOW, well-known for writing the popular hit song for Poco “Call it Love”, was a long-time drummer for The Bellamy Brothers and drummer for The Flying Burrito Brothers, (keeping the legacy alive during the 1980s and early 1990s) rounds out the band with his smooth style and harmonious background vocals.

Although the core members of Burrito Deluxe will stay the same, there will always be an evolution of new players with an illustrious musical heritage. While no one can replace “Sneaky” Pete, there will be featured guest steel guitarists who will carry on his sweet signature sound that is at the heart of Burrito Deluxe.

One listen to Burrito Deluxe proves that these musical trailblazers are still finding inspiration and new directions in the sound they helped create.
* * * * * * *
Margaret Moody
Band Manager
In Europe: 33 6 13 54 68 83 (mobile)
33 1 60 42 07 71 (Office)
In the US: 1 615 509 5218