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Calgary, Alberta, Canada | INDIE

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"weird canada review"

From the teenage emergencies of Aaron Levin:
The scorched ferocity barely tethers Burnt Monument‘s searing atonal bliss to our malignant reality. Revelling within the distorted chaos of a guitar-driven daily dance, Burro decimate every squalid soundscape in their pursuit of tautolic wretchery. It’s the ultimate display of damaged purity; a cacophony of annihilation; a treatise on the fundamental nature of obliteration. Ultimate Shred™. - weird canada


BURRO LIVE AT PITH - Leasa Podloski

"Burro at Frrost Books"

I watched these guys perform a bunch of times over the course of an evening...and watching them, there's something about it that makes it seem obvious. When the right group of players come together, sometimes it's just like turning on a faucet. - Notes by Jonathan Ronler - Bug Incision


-Burnt Monument (Fall 2011 Bug Incision)

-Macy's Trip (Fall 2011 Unit Structure Sound Recordings)





Burro is a vertible meeting of the minds of some of Calgary's finest wayward musicians. Whitney Ota first came to Bug Incision's attention at a performance some years back at the Discord series at Emmedia. He was playing sax and guitar (always a winning combination) in a duo called Wild & Majestic. One post-gig chat and a handful of cdr releases later, it was obvious that we'd be working together down the line. Ota also busies himself running Unit Structure Sound Recordings, a fine imprint which (as well as housing the sister release to this album) has also released some of his other projects: the kosmiche-y solo vehicle called Yankee Yankee and more texturally-inclined duo Dundas (with Mr. Elton). Stew Elton is and essential part of the Bug Incision universe, operating as the man who books the dates at Weeds Cafe, where so many BI performances take place. He also plays in the band No River, and has recorded a devasting solo EP called Bound, which is floating around out there somewhere. Andrew Hume (along with running buddy Britt Proulx) made his mark on Calgary's werid music scene with his duo Seizure Salad. They played tons of shows, and released a nice handful of tapes, both mediums covering lotsa ground and seeming to have no problem doing so. An "experimental" band at its fullest potential. - Notes by Chris Dadge