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Seoul, Seoul, South Korea | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | MAJOR

Seoul, Seoul, South Korea | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2015
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2017.04  1st Album [LIVE IN HOPE]
- BURSTERED, representing the potentiality of Korean metal and core music with two albums ‘INDEPENDENT’, ‘LOST CHILD’, goes into the world with their new name, ‘BURSTERS’.The album, titled <LIVE IN HOPE>, covers various themes — war, love, utopia etc. — and expresses harmony between intensity and sensibility as befits emotional rock band and and this album had been reviewed by one of Japan’s most renowned rock magazine, BURRN, with an outstanding score of 85. They show far more extensive musical spectrum, covering rock ballad and pop melodies as well as their original core metal tunes.Moreover, the band’s capacity was highly praised by a legendary mastering engineer, Dave Donnelly. The album is a masterpiece, embracing various genres, themes, and sounds.

<Track List>
1. Fallow Me
2. Scarface
3. The War Is Over
4. Dreamer
5. Dreamer Ⅱ
6. Wherever You Are
7. Bygone Era (Feat. Kim bada)
8. Escape
9.Take The Power Back
10. Dark Forest
11. Belief
12. Here I Am (2017 Remix)
13. Disappear (2017 Remix)
14. Falling Into The Sky (2017 Remix)
15. Lost Child (2017 Remix)

2015.09  EP [Lost Child]
- Since the release of the first EP album [Independent] in February 2015, Bursters performed in various concerts, university festivals, TV shows, and rock festivals.The band evolved in parallel to these experiences and with passion and sincerity for music, they have released three original songs in just over six months. Considering that qualified instruments, equipments, production and engineering are essential for rock bands, one may easily recognize an enhanced sense of stability, balance, and outstanding sound texture, in comparison to the previous album.The three songs each hold varying characteristics, portraying Busters’ progressive evolvement. The finishing work of a renown engineer assures the album’s balance and stability.

<Track List>
1. Lost Child
2. Falling Into The Sky
3. Gwangalli

2015.02  EP [Independent]
- Since ‘Superstar K: Season 6’, ‘Bursters’ has buried themselves in recording studios, developing the band’s originality.At last, Bursters appeared to the public with its debut EP album [Independent]. In order to express their musical spectrum apart from their previously-known ‘fishery market band’ image, they titled the album [Independent], demonstrating their will to stand firm on their own feet. It features six intense, yet distinctive rock tunes.The band members each wrote, composed and arranged all tracks in the album. [Independent] serves as witness to Busters’ extraordinary musical talent.

<Track List>
1. Whenever You Call Me
2. Scandal (Feat. Wutan)
3. I'll Wait for you
4. Here I Am
5. Break Away
6. Disappear

2015.02  Single [Scandal]

<Track List>
1. Scandal



Bursters is a 5-piece metal core band that represented the potential of Korean rock/metal music by advancing to the Top 6 in the renowned audition program, ‘Superstar K Season 6’ (2014). The band’s sound is highly unique in the current Korean music scene. The band portrays powerful and dynamic tunes through its refined playing ability.

The band consists of five incredibly talented members. Vocalist DaeGun Roh breathes in color into the band by freely expressing both heavy screaming and melodic singing. Guitarist JoonYong Ahn boasts an impressive level of guitar play, as well as polished composing abilities. Guitarist GyeJin Lee brings on catchy riffs through dynamic and skillful techniques. Bassist HwanHee Cho, with an impressive skillset of techniques and groove, he completes the sound of the band. Drummer SangYoon Jung was praised by the world-class mastering engineer David Donnelly for his highly technical and explosive drumming.

Bursters has released two EPs and one full-length album, defining its distinctive tune (refer to discography). The band’s latest full-length album, ‘LIVE IN HOPE’ (2017), contains 15 tracks of various lyrical topics, including love, war and the ideal. The album consists of not only metal
core but also rock ballad and mainstream rock-like melodies, further widening the musical spectrum of the band. By experimenting various musical experiments, Bursters seeks to go beyond their limitations.

Moreover, the album ‘LIVE IN HOPE’ has received a positive review by Japan’s renowned rock magazing BURRN, scoring an 85 out of 100. The fact that the band is gaining publicity represents their potential in the worldwide rock/metal market.

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