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Burt Brion

Vista, California, United States

Vista, California, United States
Band Jazz Adult Contemporary


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"Music that deserves to be heard"

Burt Brion - Say The Word

For the past fifteen years the sounds of Burt Brion’s keyboards and vocals have been heard at private parties, weddings and congregations throughout the San Diego area. Now he is cutting loose and breaking free with his debut contemporary jazz CD that has the thread of quality running right through it. All eleven tracks have been written by Brion and, with production from Allan Phillips that is a cut above, this is music to be taken seriously. The collection starts as it means to continue with ‘Lets Get It Going’, a pleasingly melodic example of good smooth jazz. Brion makes an early impression on keys, John Rekevics is outstanding on sax and the late injection of scat vocals from Deborah Flores proves to be a production master stroke. It’s the combination of Brion and Rekevics that is again working to great effect on the dreamy and romantic ‘Its Your Turn’. Becoming a little edgy before drifting back to tranquillity, it is evocative of Mike Post in his ‘Hill Street Blues’ phase. Also in theme music territory is the tight yet melodic ‘Sunrise Serenade’ and reflective melody is certainly a huge part of what Burt Brion does best.

Both with the beautiful ‘Lena’s Lullaby’ and ‘A Time To Remember’, with its feelings of homecomings and Thanksgiving firesides, Brion proves that he can really tug at the heartstrings while on ‘Second Chances’ his handsome grand piano will drift you off to another place. That said Burt Brion is no one trick pony and when he ups the tempo for tracks like ‘Encore’ and ‘Changes Are Coming’ he shows he can really get in the groove. Contemporary jazz instrumentalists who choose to include their own vocals are rare so it’s something of a surprise to hear Brion sing. Yet, first with his sentimental message to his two sons ‘My Two Little Boys’, and then more so on the slow and soulful title track where he duets with Mattie Mills, Brion conjures up images of David Pack and demonstrates his extremely smooth jazz friendly voice. Even better is ‘Do The Right Thing’. Somewhere in the long grass between Neil Young and Michael Franks, yet paradoxically with a splash of Hall and Oates added for good measure, this is a great example of genuine retro blue eyed soul.

‘Say The Word’ is a wonderful debut album from an artist who deserves to be heard. For more check out Burt Brion at www.burtbrionmusic.com
- Smoothjazztherapy.com

"Jazz Lynx"

Let's Get It Going - Burt Brion :
Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Brion relocated to San Diego where he taught school for a time. During the late 80s and early 90s, he lost his eyesight for a couple of years as he battled an autoimmune illness - it was during this period that Brion's musical talents come to the fore as he began to play in churches and around town in order to earn a living. Eventually he regained his eyesight, but by then Burt's passion to play had also been rekindled. For the past 15 years, Brion's keys and vocals have been featured at a variety of private gatherings - however, with the issue of his smooth jazz debut, actually released in 2005, his profile has substantially increased. He's amassed an impressive resume topped by several appearances at Humphrey's backstage lounge, acknowledged by many as that city's premier jazz venue!

More recently, Brion's star has continued to rise with Say The Word gaining ever-increasing exposure and airplay. From that effort, we have the lead track highlighted by Burt's superb piano playing and the snappy scatting of Deborah Flores!!

CD: Say The Word
Label: Mister B Records - Cafe Jazz Radio

"Thanks for the opportunity!"

What I enjoy most about your music is that it’s “smooth jazz,” but it has drive and melody and rhythm which keeps the listener’s attention. Your melodies are not only intricate and interesting, they’re “memorable.” And your lyrics are more than just some words for the music to wrap around. You have an obvious sense of fun – that’s clear from your bass lines and “grooves.” And your tunes give your sidemen a terrific framework in which to improvise and contribute their own personal interpretations. Your CD is one of the few which is as entertaining to listen to as it to see performed “live.” Thanks for the opportunity. - Bill Griffith-Channel 10 News, KGTV- San Diego

"Track 1 review-"Let's get it going"

The track grooves great and features some really hooky lines and a superb scat vocal.I think sounds potentially quite viable for Wave radio formats. Nice interplay between sax, piano and organ: the gospel licks give the piece a more distinctive vibe - TAXI- Independant A & R company

"..totally in the smooth jazz groove""

If you take in live music in the San Diego area, then you know all about keyboardist Burt Brion (pronounced: "bree-on"). For the benefit of you who are not from nor have spent any time in "America's Finest City," let me fill you in. Burt's been doing gigs there for the past fifteen years. Now he's expanding his world with this debut Smooth Jazz CD, SAY THE WORD, and dare I say, the world will be better for it! His music has been described as "Dave Grusin meets Spyro Gyra," and that's a fair assessment, although I hear some Ripps and Simply Red in there too. This is good stuff...totally in the Smooth Jazz groove, and very well-performed and produced. Most tracks are keyboard-driven, with excellent supporting sax work from John Rekevics (Johnny Mathis, Marilyn McCoo) and guitar work from Evan Marks (Fattburger). Mr. Brion spices the collection with four original vocals as well. SAY THE WORD is a well-balanced set of tunes (Check out "Let's Get it Going" and "Sunrise Serenade" as signature Brion), all of them totally compatible with the Smooth Jazz format, and destined for tons of radio airplay over the coming months. I can easily see Burt Brion as a Smooth Jazz staple artist very soon, and am really looking forward to seeing him "live" one of these days. Grab a copy of Burt Brion's SAY THE WORD, and let's all get a piece of this fantastic San Diego - Smoothjazz.com-Scott O'Brien

"A real gem of originality"

Burt Brion - Say The Word

When Burt Brion was badly hit by a buffet of fate he didn't despair. Since he was no longer able to work as a teacher, Burt began making his living playing music at several churches and playing gigs in town. His debut album is build on the experience of the past fifteen years.

The album was produced, mixed and recorded by Allan Phillips who also plays keyboards, percussion and programming on this album. Allan has performed and/or recorded for such legends as the late Bob Hope and Tito Puente as well as Kenny Loggins, Patti LaBelle, Kenny Rogers, Al Jarreau, Sheila E., Brenda Russell, ZapMama, Peter White, Thomas Mapfumo, Jeff Lorber, Kirk Whalum, Fattburger, Big Mountain, Sergio Mendes and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Burt Brion has written all songs, a real gem of originality.

Let's Get It Going is Burt's motto and the first title of his debut album. The tune offers much energy with elements of gospel and jazz. Deborah Flores' scat power is the special refinement which levels the tune in superior regions.

It's Your Turn is featuring John Rekevics on soprano sax. Burt Brion's piano play reminds me at the pianist David Benoit. Matt Clowminzer blows fresh guitar wind into the gentle arrangement.

There are certainly more parallels to other smooth jazz musicians as Sunrise Serenade reveals. Bob James' monster hit Angela comes into mind.

Say The Word is featuring Burt Brion and Mattie Mills in an awesome soulful duet. Mattie Mills is lead singer of the San Diego based band "The Heroes". She has been singing in this popular band for 19 years and has done countless charity events.

Encore is the dynamic proceed with elements of fusion and rock. This professional variety enriches the album and invigorates Brion's music. Outstanding John Rekevics' sax stake.

More thoughtful is the following tune A Time To Remember. This mélange of gospel music and New Age really fits into Christmas time.

On Do The Right Thing Burt Brion turns the wheel anew into another direction. This song is Brion's appeal to positive activity.

What can be so cozy like a lullaby. Lena's Lullaby is as smooth and caressing as a lullaby can be.

Changes Are Coming is another song with a positive mood and impetus. Burt says: Don't give up. There is hope that changes are coming for you

My Two Little Boys is a sentimental song idealizing Burt's relationship to his children. There is melancholy in the air when Burt sings: "One day you will fly away with girls and bigger toys..."

Second Chances is the final tune, a solo piano piece with much feeling and soul.

It's easy to recognize that Burt has written and played in his debut album with much life-blood. His album is a point of mediation and reflection in this giddy-paced time.
- Smooth Jazz Daily

"Grusin meets Spyro Gyra"

If you love easy listening jazz music, then you'll gravitate to pianist Burt Brion's latest work Say the Word. This is Burt Brion's debut CD and for those not familiar with his San Diego hometown onstage performances, his music can be safely described as Dave Gruisin meets Spyro Gyra. In fact Gruisin is one of Brion's musical influences and this is evident on the effervescent "Encore."

........"Let's Get it Going," is a bright refreshing track with Brion's superb tickling of the ivories interspersed with some brassy sax work by John Rekevics. "It's Your Turn" holds promise because it’s one of those smooth jazz tracks that one loves to enjoy while taking those long cross-country rides. The saxophone solo here from Rekevics reminds one of the styles that the late Grover Washington had come to be associated with that is smooth like good wine. "Sunrise Serenade" is bouncy and vibrant and would do well on jazz radio stations.
- jazzreview.com

"We love Burt!"

We have attended Burt Brion’s performances a couple of times at Humphreys by the Bay. Each time I am pleasantly surprised at how much entertainment I get. It is a high energy show with keyboard excellence and he has a supporting cast of San Diego’s finest musicians. My husband and I try to go to the shows as often as possible.

Noreen Ippolito

Clear Channel San Diego
- Noreen Ippolito-Clear Channel

"Electric, Exciting and Diverse"

I have found Burt Brion shows to be "electric, exciting, diverse" and "full of variety." Burt engages the audience with a selection of well known songs for audiences of all ages. - Tayari Howard-Radio Personality Smooth Jazz 98.1


ALBUM- Say the word

SINGLES- Let's get it going, Encore, Sunrise Serenade, It's your turn



The 2006 Debut CD for Smooth Jazz Keyboardist Burt Brion has put this artist on an amazing musical sojourn. Beginning with an agressive Smoothjazz.com campaign combined with ASL Music and Media promotions, Burt's album hit the new smooth jazz artist top 40 charts and got as high s #29 in 2007. Burt's live shows include regular appearances at the notable music venue- Humphrey's By The Bay,Harrah's Rincon Casino and KIFM 98.1 events.

Humphreys contact-
Shauna Aguirre

Harrah's contact-
"Mike lowry" ,

KIFM Smooth Jazz 98.1
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