Burton Goldstein

Burton Goldstein


I compose and produce large, orchestral sounding music used by ABC, Alliance Atlantis, Disney, Columbia Tristar, MTV, TNT, 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers to advertize their big-budget projects. - Low cost licensing arrangements available. - Video reel and audio CD available on request.


I specialize in large, orchestral scores, but I've got a wide range of styles. I've worked for John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Phyllis Diller's orchestra. I've played jazz at the Ahwahnee Hotel and I've had my string quartet recorded by the Arditti Qtet and played in Brussels. I've won prizes from: The Aaron Copland House, BMI, Henry Mancini, Brandenburg Chamber Music (Germany), Composers Inc (S.F.), NEH and more.


Arditti String Quartet - California Compsers on Albany Records, CD Troy 159

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