Burying The Trend

Burying The Trend


new age metal with a giant influence of old school metal mixed with a hint of hard rock


We have music chemistry on stage and on our records. Weve been told that were the closest thing you get if you were to mix old Slayer and Metallica records with Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage records... in otherwords...weve taken the best of both worlds and created a type of metal music that both old and new listeners will enjoy.


we released a EP under the name Leed Machine 4 years ago(2004) that sold 500 copies.

1. Destroy Everything
2. Driven
3. Self Loathing
4. Independent
5. The Answer
6. Respect
7. Re-creation
8. Eliminate us all

We also released a demo of our current singles 2 years ago under the name Burying The Trend that sold 500+

1.Burying The Trend
2.The Answer
3.Kill The Honor

We are on schedule to release a full length album as of march 2008 with 11 songs under the name Burying The Trend

Set List

1. Killing Me/ Feeding You
2. Charles Manson
3. Destroy Everything
(tuning change)
4. Out Of Time
5. Kill The Honor
(drum roll into next song)
6. New World Order
7. Burying The Trend
8. Whore
9. (cover song) Pantera/Rob Zombie

generally about a 1 hour long set