Bury The Witness

Bury The Witness

 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Bury The Witness is a 6 part progressive/post-hardcore band from Ann Arbor, MI. The band plays shows all over southeastern Michigan and Ohio. They are currently recording an EP entitled "Purged By Shores" at Swordfish Studios in Findlay, Ohio with Landon Tewers of The Plot In You (Rise Records).


Bury The Witness is a 6 part melodic metal-core band. The band was formed in 2007 by guitarist Adam and Bass guitarist Ben. They soon found drummer Gabe Kaul. For the next two years, they went through many different vocalists and guitarists, and none of them really stuck until summer of 2010, when guitarist Tom Walls joined. At the time, Adam Whitener was playing in two different bands. In the other band, was drummer Dallas Flanary, who also had awesome vocal talent. Adam convinced Dallas to come to a Bury The Witness practice. After doing vocals at one practice, the band knew that Dallas should definately become the new vocalist. With Dallas in the band, they began recording their first EP entitled "Purged By Shores". After recording the first two songs, they decided that the third track should have synth in it. They found Tim Rose, a friend of Dallas's to play synth on the album and eventually join Bury The Witness.


Purged By Shores

Written By: Bury The Witness

Close your eyes let the water take you in, let it consume all of your sin, let it ease away the pain. (We know it's you who's gone insane.x2) (Don't speak, your lips are useless they spew out nothing but filth! x2) Close your eyes, let the water take you in, let it rid the filth from your skin. Only the Shores can Purge you, you couldn't make it to the water so now the waves must reach you. Before it's to late your still face down in this mess you've made. Your faith has been tested, and you failed to tell the truth only the water will get the best of you. SINK, and let the water take you in, close your eyes. You'll soon forget. OH! The blood upon you. The time is now live like tomorrow will never come. Relies what you've done has left it's mark it's time for a better beginning a new start. Look to the sky and pray for the forgiveness it is that you seek stop searching, open your eyes my God is right in front of you. Close your eyes! Close your eyes let the water take you in let it wash away all the filth, I mean everything you said and did right in front of me! You seem to be a mess and I'm cleaning up everything that you left behind. (Don't speak your lips are useless they spew out nothing but filth!x2)


EP "Purged By Shores" to be released Summer, 2011

Set List

You Can't Catch Me, I'm The Gingerbread Man
For Your Sake
The Drowning Your Own
Dead On Arrival
Purged By Shores