Austin, Texas, USA

Ambitious lo-fi bedroom pop with almost schizophrenic tendencies that make it impossible to confidently affix a definite label to the whole.


Burywood is the musical output of Philip Woodbury from Austin, TX. After years of figuring out the recording process via rudimentary bedroom recordings, Burywood has begun to produce out eclectic, high-quality material, starting with the album "There Exists an Abstraction Ladder" in 2009, and most recently (and after a brief hiatus), "Sum Kinda Golden Age" in October of 2012.


"There Exists An Abstraction Ladder" - LP 2009

"Sum Kinda Golden Age" - LP 2012

Albums available at www.burywood.bandcamp.com

Set List

Set List Example:
1. Blackberry Scowl
2. Dead Oceans Pull Apart
3. C.B.F.C.
4. Athenian Flannel
5. Sumthin Else
6. Bile Kaleidoscopes
7. Latenight
8. It's Never Gonna Come
9. Keep the Cold Off Me
10. FCC

Set list usually lasts 7-15 songs depending on the gig length of 45-60 minutes.