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Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"There's No Cause for Alarm"

Hello shakers and synths! Hello interference and distorted vocals! I haven't heard you in a while, and I haven't heard you sounding this good in even longer. But even better, that melody running around underneath you like someone hiding in bedsheets, that's gorgeous. Someone should start playing this song to all those mopey teenagers out there, to give them an idea of what's ahead of them if they can just keep their heads up. This is the kind of song that a lot of people should have in common, and should be singing on the joyous stumble home.

Burywood is from Austin, Texas. - The Torture Garden

"First Impressions: Burywood - There Exists An Abstraction Ladder"

Burywood is the project of 22 year old Philip Woodbury, an Austinite college kid who started recording music in his bedroom at the age of 16. Though technically There Exists An Abstraction Ladder is Woodbury's third album (and like most soldiers in the home recording revolution he played virtually everything that is heard on the album himself) his first two efforts were only distributed amongst his friends and family (but are available from the Burywood MySpace), this is his first release intended for wide consumption.

And wide consumption it deserves to find, There Exists An Abstraction Ladder is a hell of an indie pop record that seems to take it's inspiration from the likes of Destroyer, The Unicorns (and their subsequent offshoots) and more obliquely (mostly through production and mixing decisions) Why's Alopecia. Throughout the album's 11 tracks Woodbury dips his brush into an impressively broad palette of sounds to create a varied collection of tunes yet never looses sight of the fact that the most basic requirement for a pop song is to keep the listener's toe tapping and at the very least lift the corners of their lips slightly upward. "Northward" sets cold drum machine beats against against synthesisers and disciplined riffage whereas "(It's just) you you you" features multi-tracked acoustic guitars and what could easily be a hand slapping against a thigh for percussion, "FCC" is classic power pop while "I Take It Back" basically piles synths on top of synths before sliding into the record's highlight "Minor Infractions" which reminds me of so many songs and bands that I love it'd take forever to list them all. - Thrill Pier (http://thrillpier.blogspot.com)


"There Exists An Abstraction Ladder" - LP 2009

"Sum Kinda Golden Age" - LP 2012

Albums available at www.burywood.bandcamp.com



Burywood is the musical output of Philip Woodbury from Austin, TX. After years of figuring out the recording process via rudimentary bedroom recordings, Burywood has begun to produce out eclectic, high-quality material, starting with the album "There Exists an Abstraction Ladder" in 2009, and most recently (and after a brief hiatus), "Sum Kinda Golden Age" in October of 2012.