Bush Pilot

Bush Pilot


Energetic, Charismatic and a definite crowd pleaser that incorporates fun in the sun Pop/Rock infused with Latin and Spanish influences. The kind of music that gets ya dancin' and dreamin' about being on the beach, kickin' or dancing the night away. Let us take you on our journey.


Bush Pilot formed in Louisville, KY in March 2006. They began writing original material and performing live soon after. The band members come from diverse back grounds and have molded their sound from vast influences of the likes of The Police, The Bravery, FOB, Mirainga, Sublime, Chilli Peppers, John Coltrane, Social Distortion, 311, Incubus, Cold Play and Santana to name just a few. Bush Pilot brings a moody Alternative Pop/Rock indie style. Their sound consist of cathcy, melody driven vocals with contagious guitar hooks, and sweat beats. They will take you on adventure where ever their souls randomly venture on stage, either to the beach just chillin' and kicking it with some friends in the hot sun and a light breeze, or breakin out into a sweat while dancin the night away. You won't be disappointed!


In studio March, 2007

Set List

Our set list includes 12 songs currently and the set lasts from 45-60 minutes depending on the event.

Song Titles:

Green Daisy
She's Like a Robot
Ornatus del Sol
Ocean Floor
Come Down
Smoke Two Joints (B. Marley)
Ride Bikes