Bus Stop Stallions

Bus Stop Stallions


This draws its influence from a wide range of artists and can best be described as a combination of energetic riffs, powerful lyrics and memorable hooks. Live, their energy is second only to their connection with their audience.


Forget about what's "hot" in music right now. Forget about the plague of young men and women sweeping the nation, using the same mold to forge their cookie-cutter songs. For a moment, forget about men in suits telling their "hip" clients to rewrite their music, so they can turn a little more profit and lose another notch on their belts.

Now, envision a simple concept: truly talented musicians coming together for a single purpose- to create funky, heartfelt music. No preconceived notions of genre, no pop song templates to adhere to, no target demographic. Just funky soulful music to inspire thought and emotion.

Bus Stop Stallions is the experience that music has been waiting for. Chris Varteressian's silky smooth to whiskey-worn voice, introspective lyrics about love, loss, and life, combined with an eclectic blend of funk, blues and rock, - is a breath of fresh air, and still retains the warm familiarity of a favorite old blanket. Bus Stop Stallions will make you feel.

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Little Girl

Written By: Chris Vaterrisian

little girl, sitting by the bus stop
she knows she can't make it rain
but she wants to let everybody know
she's all by herself
there's a little boy who's waiting down the road
he's got nothing and got no thing to do
he rides just to get away from here
he's never done what anyone had told him to

the driver, he don't know it, he's about to tear the world apart
he made a match and with it he did scratch away the hidden space between them
litttle girl thinks she sees hope on the bend
while the little boy wonders how he'll pay the rent

these two had their troubles and they had their past
they knew, if they'd find each other, they'd make it last

that driver, still don't know it, but he's about to tear their world apart
when he made that match, he burned away their hidden dreams inside their foreign hearts
the little girl thinks she sees the bus stop coming at her sideways
and when they swerved and smashed into the bus stop, they met eyes, and she took her little boy away

these two had their troubles and they had their past
they knew, if they'd find each other, they'd make it last


Written By: Bus Stop Stallions


sweet, babbling creek
sing to me like a street, a flowing liquid street

make believe the world is free
climb down from nomalcy
put in your feet
we'll be discreet, we will always be discreet

flow down the river slow
your body knows
it's not time to take control
but if you stay there long enough, you'll feed your soul

make believe the world is free
climb down from normalcy
under a microscope you can't even see
you can put in your feet
we will always be discreet
you may find yourself asleep
amidst the sweet, babbling creek

Only I

Written By: Bus Stop Stallions


i never thought that i'd be alone
what you did to me baby keeps me hanging on
but when i was under the shade of a desert tree
i stop and think to myself, what in the world has happened to me?

over and over and over again
i'd ask you to stand in my skin
even if it hurts you when i say, "i still care for you in my own way."
i find myself wishing i could just make you see,
but i know i only i can depend on me.

yes i am sad cause i gave you everything i had
but give hope to a fool, cause one day a fool might just save you.
but as i wander desolate streets and empty dreams
i know only i can depend on me.


produced and recorded by Tim Gerron at Music Lab Studios
Mastered at Terra Nova with Jerry Tubb

Set List

We have a 19 song original set list with covers that are rotated in and out.