Busted Vacuum

Busted Vacuum


We play spacefunk rock n roll. Or spank and roll, whichever you wanna call it.


Busted Vacuum is an up-and coming trio, hailing from western Massachusetts. Formed on the UMass Campus in the winter of 2003, Zach Bruce and Seth Hall have been formulating their unique take on jam-band/rock music into the ears, minds, hearts and stomachs of all of those lucky enough to hear them. Their unique approach to improvisation within heavily structured songs, coupled with a strong emphasis on vocal harmonies and song-writing has established them as one of the premiere bands in Massachusetts’ Pioneer

Headlining gigs at New York’s famed Lion’s Den and Kenny’s Castaways, a featured spot at the past two Extravaganja Festivals and a 6 week residency at Amherst, Massachusetts’ hot-spot, The Harp, Busted Vacuum is quickly establishing a devoted fan base. “In a time where local “Jam Bands” are a dime a dozen,” says a representative of SCI Fidelity Records, “Busted Vacuum is quickly establishing themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. They are at an exciting point in their career, as it is only a matter of time before they are headlining high-profile gigs, breaking hearts, melting faces and taking names across the country."


2003 - Busted Vacuum - Demo
2005 - Busted Vacuum - Demo
2006 - Busted Vacuum - Live in NYC 2/19/06

Set List

Set list comprised mostly of originals; few, if any covers. Cover repertoire includes Led Zeppelin, Jamiroquai, and
the Tetris theme song.