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Hailing from three of the four corners of New Jersey, the Buster Cox Band has arrived. This four-piece act has quickly garnered a reputation of not only being a rousing live act, but as a creative force to be reckoned with. BCB combines catchy hook-oriented songwriting, classic-rock inspired guitar riffs and a booming rhythm section to defy genre and set audiences in the metropolitan area singing and dancing. In the short time since the band's inception, they have developed a devoted following that continues to grow with each show. BCB has performed with many national acts, while consistently headlining their own shows at some of the tri-state areas most noteworthy venues.

What is Buster Cox Band music? If The Dave Matthews Band hung with the Police, picked up Jack Johnson, resurrected Jeff Buckley and kidnapped Trey Anastasio on the way to jam with Stevie Wonder at CBGBs, you might start getting what they're all about. The best way to find out? Catch one of their gigs. Listen as Tom rasps out all the love the audience needs to sing every word to every song. Check out Luke and Frank intertwining frenetic lines like two medieval knights in a rock-n-roll joust. Groove as Eric channels Bonzo and Tito in a cacophony of rhythm that somehow ties it all together. Born in the fires of an acoustic duo, the BCB has evolved into the four-piece face of pop music's future.

The band went into the studio during the summer of 2005 to record their self-titled debut EP, a six-song collaborative effort filled with life, love, sex and booze. Narrative lyrics, stellar musicianship, and catchy songwriting combine for 6 tracks of consistently inventive music. All at once engaging and original, the Buster Cox Band celebrates the essence of great music. The EP is just a taste of what you'll get at a BCB concert. Boasting nearly 20 completed, band-tested crowd-approved original songs and a handful of eclectic covers, each BCB
performance is different from the last. Add in the band's electrifying stage presence, intimate crowd interaction and four musicians tearing it up on a nightly basis and what do you get? The Buster Cox Band.

The Buster Cox Band has performed with and/or been on the same bill as:

• Tim Reynolds
• Kaki King
• Richie Havens
• Bob Marley’s Legendary Wailers
• Rusted Root singer/songwriter/guitarist Michael Glabicki
• The Lost Trailers
• The Verve Pipe singer/songwriter/guitarist Brian Vander Ark
• The Black Sheep (we’re not kidding)
• The Low Life
• The Smithereens’ singer/songwriter/guitarist Pat DiNizio
• Jeffrey Gaines

…with performances at (just to name a few):

• The Crossroads, Garwood, NJ
• The Lion's Den, NYC
• Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ
• The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ
• The All Asia Bar, Cambridge, MA
• The Crossroads Theater, New Brunswick, NJ
• Harry’s Roadhouse, Asbury Park, NJ
• Harvest Moon, New Brunswick, NJ



Written By: Music: Buster Cox Band, Lyrics: Tom Vella

With this last look I take I can’t forsake Every time I was forgiven I can’t make it stop I can’t make it go away I’ll have to battle my inner demons in a different way I can’t make it right I can’t play along And these scars that I wear are there For every time that something went wrong And it’s hard to learn to let things go When you don’t show me no attention And redemption it seems Happens only in my dreams now And this last look I take I can’t forsake Every time I was forgiven I can’t make it stop, no Well I feed on and bleed for what I need And what I need is trust And a little love And there flaws are the cause of all the pain and rain That hits us from above I can’t make it stop Hold me down, hold me down And take away my sins And put them in a box in the corner So I might take them out To take them down My demons, my demons I will take them down And the fear it subsides As the demons they rise And I just don’t care no more

Better Than Good

Written By: Music: Buster Cox Band, Lyrics: Tom Vella

I will go there I will meet you In the morning Just as long as you guide me by the hand Well you say you’ll take me to heaven Or even better Up to my bed then Lay me down here I say oh yeah I say right there Say you touch me And you just seem to know my body well Well I said that if you love me Just as well as you touch me I’ll be fine I’ll be fine and I’ll say it tonight Let’s go get drunk on some wine And we’ll dance on through the night Then we’ll go up to my bedroom And turn off all the lights I wanna touch you And then I’ll put you to sleep I want to feel you breathing As you lie next to me Oh yeah, right there I say tomorrow’ll be ok Say oh no It’s not too slow We’re gonna have to take our time Our time to get it right now We can do what we want Said there will be some distractions But they can’t fight our attraction Anyway here


Buster Cox Band EP (2005)

(***Due to limited space on the Sonicbids, we are unable to post more songs on our EPK. For more songs please visit our MySpace account***)

Set List

Example Set List (1 hour set):
1) Disclaimer
2) Midnight Blue
3) Better Than Good
4) Siren's Song
5) Ninth Blessing
6) Something To Say
7) It's Not Me, It's you
8) Demons
9) October Skies
10) A Solider's Letter
11) Two Foot Fall
12) (encore if requested)

All Original Material (all copyright 2005 BCB):
-Midnight Blue
-Better Than Good
-Two Foot Fall
-It's Not You, It's Me
-A Soldier's Letter
-October Skies
-No Idea
-Siren's Song
-17 Will Get you 20
-Little Boy Lost
-The One
-Something To Say
-Ninth Blessing
-Jury Of My Self
-My Vinyl
-Sweeter Love
-Look Left