BandRockHip Hop

Imagine if Jack Johnson was jamming with G-Love, but then Sublime and KRS-ONE showed up with a girl that sounded a little like Billie Holiday, and they all drank a bunch of herbal tea infused with ginseng, moved out to the country and then brought in a cello and an accordion.


Leon meets Lucas in the 3rd grade. Lucas turns Leon onto "Hey Jude" on the activity bus one day in the 4th grade. Leon doesn't know what the hell to think. Fast forward 14 years to 2003. Leon and Joe have been talking about forming some sort of band for years. Lucas moves to town, and the Red Rockets are initially formed for a impromtu performance at an Anti-war show in Chapel Hill. Meanwhile, Jake plays in a duo in town, titled "Big Pretty." Ingrid meets Lucas Mclawhorn one day on the street and invites him and his friends to play at a wedding shower. Breaking out the accordion to play along, the boys immediately fall in love with her and beg her to join the Red Rockets. Jake sees Leon and Lucas perform "Fur Coat" at a middle school talent show. Weeks later, he introduces himself to them one drunken night by singing the words. L and L don't know what the hell to think. The bands merge to play one night. Chaos insues, multiple shows are played sans drummer. One night at the Carolina Coffee shop, the band is playing, and Gary is watching. He approaches Leon, not knowing that Leon remembers him as a hand-percussionist from campus, and comments that they need a beat. Leon invites Gary to play the idle djembe onstage. Gary plays every show with them from that moment on. Fast forward to 2006. Jake moves to Michigan to pursue his dreams with wife Mikki. BP and RR need something to fill the gap musically, so invite friend Victor to play bass. Chaos continues unabated...


The Yellow House Sessions (EP) 2004
See What You Can Find (LP) 2005

Set List

Set One (1 hour)
Keep Us In Check (Peace Love Respect)
Hammer (Marley)
Winds of Change
Santeria (Sublime)
Free Your Mind
Dirty South
G-Thang (Snoop Dogg)
Kick Me Down (Dub Allstars)
On the Prowl
Fur Coat


Set 2 (1 Hour)
High Expectations
Ring of Fire/Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash
Fuck the Dollar
Tango Intro - Politics
Stuck in the Middle With You (Steelers Wheels)
Laundry Mat
Fur Coat
Fast Lane
No Woman No Cry (Marley)