Bustin' Jieber

Bustin' Jieber

 Eugene, Oregon, USA

Weirdo music


Bustin' Jieber began in the spring of 2011 when Andy Page (saxophone) and Susan Lucia (drums), who had met at the University of Oregon, came across a bassist from Illinois named Dusty Carlson. Feeling an undeniable musical connection, they immediately began writing music together, rehearsing for hours on end, and playing as many shows as they could manage. By the winter of 2012 they were performing two to three times a week in Eugene and the greater Willamette Valley region, and by spring they recorded their first studio album. Shortly thereafter Bustin' Jieber recorded and released a three hour double-album of a live show at the Jazz Station in Eugene, and less than a year after that, in the spring of 2013, they recorded their newest album, “Bustin' Jieber vs. the Gravy Robbers”, which has recently been released along with a 30 page comic book illustrating the bizarre story behind the music.

The result of Bustin' Jieber's work and play over the years is a tasty experimental blend of funk, hip-hop, rock, world and classical genres wrapped around a core of improvisational interplay. Bustin' has collaborated with musicians ranging from emcees to string quartets, played bars and dinner clubs as well as large scale music festivals, and hasn't failed to get the toes tappin' yet. Bustin’ Jieber is an ambitious young group with an appetite for destruction and a fervent desire to shake up your mind, booty, and soul.