Butane Variations

Butane Variations


Butane Variations weave intricate avant-country compositions with infectious, hook-laden pop tunes. Road music that manages to balance the down-home and rustic with the ghostly and sublime.


Based in Brooklyn, Butane Variations have been playing music in various incarnations since 2003 when they met in upstate NY. Officially forming as a 5-piece three years later, BV has since recorded a full-length record with Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Dinosaur Jr., Angels of Light), toured the U.S., and headlined NYC After The Jump Pre-Party in 2007, playing to 400+ people on a Brooklyn rooftop.

Oddly enough, Young God Records' Akron/Family has begun implementing the non-album Butane Variations cut "Circle Triangle Square" into their live sets as a cover -- at one point having 5,000 people in Brazil singing along.

The band will be headlining the 3rd night of the Boulder Festival in Rochester, NY this July -- sharing a bill with Vetiver, Dr. Dog, etc.

See acoustic living room video recordings here:


"Butane Variations" -- full-length LP
"Love Five Songs" -- EP
"Daytrotter Session" -- 4 songs recorded exclusively for Daytrotter.com
"Live at Mo' Pitkins in NYC" -- full-length live album recorded exclusively for iTunes -- to be released shortly

Single; "Goldie Hawn" -- currently played on Sirius Satellite Radio's indie channel "Left of Center" as well as NPR's Folk Alley

Set List

Approximate set length is 60-90 minutes.
Material pulled from both official releases with an equal number of unreleased songs.

Typical set list:

"Left Right Left" (Unreleased)
"Find It A Sound" (LP)
"Angels" (LP)
"New Direction" (EP)
"Mix Tape Honey" (EP)
"Just Like Them" (Unreleased)
"Jackie" (Unreleased)
"Goldie Hawn" (LP)
"Goliath" (Unreleased)
"Folded Face First" (LP)
"Underdog" (Unreleased)
"I've Been To Heaven In My Mind" (LP)