Butcher Birds

Butcher Birds


Butcher Birds are a crushingly loud, melodic sludge-pop band. Their critically acclaimed LP, "Set My Bones" earned four stars from Rolling Stone and comparisons to Sonic Youth, Magic Dirt and My Bloody Valentine.


Butcher Birds are Stacey, Jacinta, Joanna and Donovan from Brisbane, Australia. Butcher Birds have been around since 2005. They released an EP called "Eat Their Young" in 2006, and in October 2009 released their critically acclaimed debut LP, "Set My Bones." They've shared a stage with many touring acts- Eagles of Death Metal, Beasts of Bourbon, New Pornographers, Kim Salmon and the Surrealists, The Drones and Black Mountain to name a few. Butcher Birds have appeared at many festivals including Sounds of Spring, Market Day and Valley Fiesta and were also recently chosen by Triple J Unearthed to play at the Queensland Big Day Out.

"Imagine the best elements of PJ Harvey, The Breeders, Sonic Youth and Magic Dirt and you're close to picturing just how good this (almost all) girl band are." -Matt Coyte, Rolling Stone

"This really could be the best rock album to come out of Brisbane since ā€œIā€™m Stranded.ā€- Bob Short, i94BAR

"Set My Bones is all gold, and to single out any particular tracks would be a disservice to a well plotted plan of sonic attack." Tal Wallace, Time Off

"Heavy guitars, emphatically dark vocals and pounding rhythms ā€“ this is the stuff of intensity and passion" Patrick Emery, Beat Magazine


Eat Their Young EP, 2006
Set My Bones LP, 2009