Butcher Brown

Butcher Brown

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Retro-Electro, Future-Funk, Groove-Heavy Soul Music


Butcher Brown — the Richmond, VA, quartet of multi-instrumentalist Devonne Harris AKA DJ Harrison on keys here, Keith Askey on guitar, Andrew Randazzo on bass and Corey Fonville on drums (who is as great here as he is with Christian Scott’s quintet) — is one of the most uproariously good bands to break onto the scene in recent memory. Their free EPs, a & b-sides, have a replay value that two works gotten for free from the internet just shouldn’t sensibly have. This group is good, too good, like if Madlib’s solo-jazz project, Yesterday’s New Quintet, suddenly sprouted three more heads. They’re cool without trying. They’re funky but not cheesy. They sound like a jam session in a cloud. – Anthony Dean-Harris (Nextbop.com)


A- Sides (2013) - butcherbrown.com

B-Sides  (2013) - butcherbrown.com

Backtracks (2013) - butcherbrown.com

Numbers by Nicholas Payton (2014) - Backing Band - Nicholas Payton Sound Cloud

All Purpose Music (scheduled release - fall 2014)