Butchers and Bakers

Butchers and Bakers


Butchers and Bakers is an eclectic, loud rock n' roll band with four singers. Crazy, spacy noises and jazz-inflected drums mix with sweet vocal harmonies, pretty (flower-like) arrangements...and there is a dash of punk rock intensity thrown in for good measure.


Butchers and Bakers are musical nomads, roaming the noisy steppes of Brooklyn for sounds to hunt, kill, cut-up, cook, and eat. A tribe of four, these nomads have surprisingly stuck to their ancient traditions despite the encroachment of the modern civilized world upon their territorial expanse. Though it is suspected that they themselves are steppe invaders, their exact origins are unknown. Most historical and archaeological data seems to point to a previous existence west and north of their current hunting grounds. While they have a rich history of previous sonic endeavor, the contemporary anthropological data gathered by scientists in the field shows that their historical depth is matched by a current culture of highly complex musical substance. Their current "civilization" (if we can call such primitives "civilized") ranges from crackling noise pyrotechnics to free chordal structures to sweet and sour melodies to sing-along choruses to rich old-fashioned vocal harmonies and more. To give a sense of their place in our own culture, it might be helpful to think of them as occupying the sonic space between construction equipment noise and a children's chorus. They seem to be a highly eclectic mix of previous sound tribes and cultures, like Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Beach Boys, My Bloody Valentine, Sunny Day Real Estate, Elliott Smith, German Art House Cinema, the foxtrot, the Pixies, light heavy metal, progressive rock, Masayuki Takayanagi, the Top gun soundtrack, power pop, Engine Down, Queens of the Stone Age, and many other unidentified influences (here is space for further academic study). Butchers and Bakers have created few fixed monuments, but when we have managed to capture their sound world on tape—for instance, in their latest Extra Play sound disc entitled Public—we are astounded by the beauty, the elegance, and, again, the variety engendered by this quartet of simple people, roaming that dark and primal world of concrete.


Aeroplane Showers

Written By: Asta

In a room of darkened ties
The plans are made and routes devised
It's in the olive eyes
You'll find your way down
The airplane showers all the flies
With the sticks from the high rise
You know the rain
It makes the weatherman wise

The engines whine
I'm feeling fine
So mark the time and wonder what the sundays see

The fuels increase
The sand at least
It's funny how we're sorry when we cease to be

Let's build towers to capital
And all the powers far beyond control and so
We'll raise a raucous cheer for fear of
Ever having thought to have done otherwise

It seems the world is just rubble
And memories
Of cemeteries
Now we're ghosts in a bubble
Just shouting doubt
And running out of air

So you think I care to share in fantasy?
So you'll be all you can be
And wash your hands
And watch and read
And clap along
Because grey's a swear
And fair is fair
And fair is fair
And fair is fair
And I don't dare
To feel or care
Cause I'll just wear it out
Just wear out
Just wear out

Love 1917

Written By: Melillo

Everybody wants to love someone
A private village of lo-oh-ove
Eliminate and entertain the hope of someone


Drivin on the russian steppe
A thousand miles of nothingness
And now they got you, stuck you in, and you're the deadest oh no

Now, you know, they got you, got you
Running from the hand, oh no

Driving fast in Daddy's car
Nowhere to go, but nowhere's too far
The fucked-up palace and the power
It's over


Everybody wants to love someone
A private village of lo-oh-ove
Elminate and entertain the hope of escape
Oh no

Your Dark Sea

Written By: Morini

You speak to me like we were kids
It spoils and burns what we have left
I step inside of your dark sea
I’m strong and coy, it won’t fake me

Go down with me
Down, deep to sea
No tread, swim to me
A shark to be at sea

I’ll take your heart and bleach it black
The fame of fire, now just a dream
It’s hope you want, but silt you’ll find
You’ve built up roots, now join mankind
You run and laugh until you’re wide awake and then you see the waiting vault
You shoot me down (as) I try to entertain, now you’ve got a bigger fault
With a string-limbed body I can’t maintain, tell me, will you see your ghost
We try and try, the drugs just won’t take, sadly, it has found its host

If god, find him wide awake
Time turns, you will see my fate
Guide me, be well, and find your friends
Run, laugh, play and have fun again

Pills and Epistles

Written By: Asta

Say you'll never lie
(No, I won't lie)
Some sun and golden sky
(a burning sky)
Say you're last to go

Never cry alone
(water from stone)
A shoulder and a home
(you're only home)
Say you're last to go

In a pile of pills, I'm epistolary
Never sent or received
Read or grieved
With open sleeves
There's nothing to hide
Though the nerves have died
My arms are open now, wide, wide, wide

Now everything is calm and controlled
All my teeth are sold
I'm asleep, but I'm still getting oh so bold
You're cold but many miles between
Your sounds and the means
To be told
So I'll step into the fold

I'll keep you
I'll keep you
Quiet and warm
So far away and worn
I'll keep you
I'll keep you
Wide awake
And longing for the daybreak

I'll keep you
I'll keep you
I'll keep you
I'll keep you


Public EP

Set List

A typical set list runs about 45 minutes:
For example:

Love 1917
Your Dark Sea
I Saw Myself Out There
A Sea Something
Aeroplane Showers
The Street Song
What You Said
Pills and Epistles

Cover: Smashing Pumpkins' "Where Boys Fear To Tread"