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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Concert Review"

Next onstage is another local band, Butcherwhite, that is garnering a solid local following. A little older than the guys in Podunk, they seemed to match the audience of rowdy bikers a bit better. With a seemingly perpetual cigarette dangling from his mouth, Ken Kemp's bass lines drove a pretty solid ensemble, and the crowd they had drawn was full of their fans. This was definitely some grind it up and spit it out rock and roll, the kind where you might do well to count your teeth before you leave the bar.

June 2007 - www.clubkingsnake.com

"Austin Music Awards"

Butcherwhite voted #7 Metal Band at the Austin Music Awards 2009

http://www.austinchronicle.com/gyrobase/Awards/MusicAwards?mode=browse&category=Best%20Performing%20Bands&year=2008 - Austin Chronicle


www.myspace.com/butcherwhite - Myspace


Sex & Poison released 9-2009



Butcherwhite was born kicking and screaming in 2005, to a nymphomaniac Austin that was thirsty for action and craving something harder. The father could have been a number of suspects- Current Kill, Slurred Vision, Hittin' the Jester and Drifter all had a piece at one time or other. She swelled & moaned, and then one day out pops this tough, leathery, obnoxious little shit with a blackjack for a rattler and big, greasy chip on its shoulder. It lived in the garage for a while, constantly disturbing the neighbors with its uncontrollable urge to make as much noise as possible. Soon though, it grew up and began terrorizing local bars, leaving empty beer bottles and discarded panties in its wake. It became a monster. We simply refer to it as The Butcher.