Butch Haller and His Chesterfield Ramblers

Butch Haller and His Chesterfield Ramblers


Watching a 90 year old man SHRED on guitar is one thing... but to watch him play 80s,90s, current pop songs in a crazy rockabilly twang style will BLOW your mind. He CLAIMS he wrote all the hits you've ever heard and the way he performs these songs you may even believe it.


Richard "Butch" Haller was once a lowly gas station owner in the middle of the Arizona desert where countless bands on tour would stop and gas up. Butch would often entertain these bands from all over the world by picking on his telecaster and showing them songs he'd written.

One day almost 3 years ago Butch's nephew was tuning in the radio and to Butch's astonishment he heard one of his very own songs coming out of the speakers.
This threw Butch into a rage and demanded his nephew scroll through the other stations, Butch soon found that ALL stations were playing his songs and it was on that day he decided it was time for him to get a band together and take his songs back once and for all.

(I should mention here that Butch's nephew 'dwayne' reports that Butch didnt write ANY of these songs but rather Butch sleeps with the radio on and in his advanced state of dementia he only THINKS he's penned these tunes... Either way, its the most entertaining thing you'll ever see.)






Search: Butch Haller in Youtube and you'll be watching for hours....

Set List

Girl you know its true (stolen by: Milli Vanilli)

White Wedding (stolen by: Billy Idol)

Karma Chameleon (stolen by: Culture Club)

You Spin me (stolen by: Dead or Alive)

Dancing with myself (stolen by: Billy Idol)

Lets Go Crazy (stolen by: Prince)

Love will tear us apart (stolen by:Joy Division)

Creep (stolen by: radiohead)

Purple Rain (stolen by: Prince)

Ask (stolen by: The Smiths)

99 problems (stolen by: Jay-Z )

Our Lips are Sealed (go go's...stole it)

Sweet Dreams (eurhythmics...SCOOP!!)

Hit me baby one more time (brittney spears stole it)

Stairway to Kevin (led Zepplin stole it)

Bad Romance (lady ga ga lifted that one)

Like A Prayer (madonna ripped it off)

Sheena Is a Punk Rocker (Stolen by: Ramones)

99 Red Ballons (stolen by: Nena)

Total Eclipse of The Heart (stolen by: Bonnie Tyler)

Last Caress (stolen by: The Misfits)

Wake me up Before you go go (stolen by: Wham)

Hungry like the wolf (stolen by: duran duran)