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"'Keep Your Head Down' EP"

"...The debut release from the Manchester based duo of Chris Butler and Noel Williams, is this rather wonderful four track EP. Intricate instrumentation and witty, intelligent songs, perfectly executed. The vocals and guitar are stunning and very little embellishment is needed (courtesy of glockenspiel, melodica and the occasional percussion beat) to lift this EP head and shoulders above the millions of other singer/songwriter efforts around at the moment..." - Piccadilly Records, Manchester

"'Keep Your Head Down' EP"

"...Singers and songwriters are becoming a novelty at the minute, but Butler Williams are dominating the handful of exceptional solo work around. In an instance, the songs are so germane that I could stare contentedly into my rear window and minutes later be crying into my coffee cup. You can feel the personal lament seeping through this EP, especially in Chop Chop but we often see shades of Noel Gallagher's finer acoustic work in Seeds. Rightfully named because the song cultivates into a hybrid of idyllic and harmonic British folk with added harmonica to gratify all. The sound is as captivating as a windy day on a beach and the echoes will remain imbedded with you especially if you can appreciate their live performances..." - Sandman Magazine

"'Keep Your Head Down' EP"

"...Butler Williams continue to shine as one of Manchester's prettiest and more striking purveyors of lilting acoustica. In the case of "Keep Your Head Down", Chris Butler and Noel Williams again place gentle, life affirming vocals to the careful pick of acoustic guitar, the splash of some subtle electro loops and the causal sway of simple melodic ideas. As a result, their songs move from the realms of considered folk to ambling countrified narrations. There's always a faint touch of something affected by indie musings and it's hard not to sense that just a little bit of both Manchester own sounds and Britain's folk heritage seep through. When BW slow things down, they obtain a sound that's even more captivating and memorable, as their songs flutter amongst echoes and vivid painted dreams. Live, this duo actually sound even better and special, so what better recommendation?..." - Manchester Music

"'Keep Your Head Down' EP"

"...Butler-Williams is exactly what we have all been waiting for, you might not know it yet, but we were all waiting. The duo has brought us a modern twist on the genre that Nick Drake, Bob Dylan and even Jeff Buckley helped create. Chris Butler and Noel Williams have made an EP that would make any folk fan proud. Keep Your Head Down shows the two Mancunian men are talented in their own right despite their obvious influences.

In an age of overkill when it comes to bland male singer-songwriters who drone incessantly about inane feelings (I'm talking about, Blunt, Morrison,- but you already knew that) it is something quite special to actually find someone, or in this case two people who are able to provoke a reaction with the beauty of their music.

It's not even just the music (although this is, of course, of the highest standard). The hushed tones of lead singer Chris Butler ooze a sincerity his peers can only dream of, and when the boys team up on Seeds it only enhances their emotive qualities. The Stand out track Chop Chop leads the way, building to an impressive climax from a delicate and intricate acoustic guitar start, while Keep Your Head Down is more experimental. Leave it be runs a similar course to Chop Chop and is possibly the most forgettable moment on the EP, although it's still a very good song.

This theme runs right through this four-track EP. It is to the boys credit that they are not afraid of trying new things, it worked, especially on the Dylan-esq. harmonica Seeds, and is that a synthesiser I hear in the dying embers of Keep Your Head Down? Utter brilliance.

This Mancunian duo have managed something which is fairly rare and very hard to achieve; an age old genre like folk music sound modern and contemporary, whilst still keeping it's heart and soul. How is it fair that Manchester always gets the cream of musical talent? Go and listen, you're a fan already you just don't know it yet..."

- TSM Radio

"Live Review"

"...BUTLER WILLIAMS...live equation is nothing less than a revelation...their sound is that found at the cutting edge of modern Mancunian acoustica. "Got no job but I got leads.." goes one line almost like a calling card, as Chris Butler and Noel Williams demonstrate that they are purveyors of great vocals and some damn impressive guitar work too. Witty, beautiful and adventurous are terms that you'd expect to find on a dating website, but Butler Williams are literally wearing the T-Shirt. Well not literally, but they do wheel out a mini glockenspiel on "Only A Few" and of course the now famously reported Theremin. There's a song about getting a good kicking at a Withington Kebab shop but it's sound tracked by a remarkable timbre and cocktail of sounds that conjure up more flavours than a fine red wine; the soundtrack to Tales From The Riverback 2008; Damien Rice on Hathersage Road; Badly Drawn Boy in Tescos; The Smiths if they had been sponsored by Takemine. Just make one up – it doesn't matter really, as with all good music, the tunes do the talking with "You're My Star" being just one good example. Ones to watch - and I'll certainly be doing that again..." - Manchester Music

"Live Review"

"...Butler-Williams endear themselves to me immediately - by soundchecking a Theremin while I tuck into a massive fry-up. If only every day could start like this... We didn't think anyone would be here...' I did; I'm pleasantly surprised I got a table. One (OK, two) of the most talked-about names on the local acoustic scene, it's not hard to see why. They have a feel for melody that reminds me of The Go-Betweens' heartfelt indie-folk. Noel Williams not only looks like a friendly wizard but is a fine and versatile guitarist (and it takes a certain talent to be versatile on an acoustic) whilst Chris Butler has a great Badly-Drawn-Boy-goes-busking voice and juggles guitar, theremin and a tiny little glockenspiel. And how many folky types have a song about 'getting the shit kicked out of you outside a kebab shop'? Excellent stuff...'' - Manchester Music


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Chris Butler and Noel Williams are childhood friends. They started writing together around four years ago, and released their limited edition debut EP 'Keep Your Head Down' on the 18th of August 2008. They then embarked on a 22 date national 'Keep Your Head Down' tour till mid December.

The EP was picked as 'Indie Record of the Week' by Piccadilly Records Manchester on its release. It has found its way onto the shelves of Rough Trade, London and received airplay on BBC Radio 6.