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My Music is mostly heart felt songs mixed with fun. Real life music in the form of Hip Hop.


I a have a down low solo or group attack type of style. I love to speak abou things to open eyeys and keep it real hip hop and non boring.


The Big Tribute (Good Lookin)

Written By: Buttaraspy V Skillz

My Lyrics and VersatyleSkillz I sent you the Video I did for it produce by Infmega I will send you the mp3 also Im open to changes and making this heard on a wide scale. My real name is Alden Moses

Sincerly Buttaraspy aka 30p

Martin Luther King malcolm X Fredrick Douglass For you I bump this
It took a long time to get were we at being black for those that put in work I got to give it right back.
Shirley Chilsolm Benjamin Banneker Harriet Tubman you stop some of the strugglin
Your contribution to the world was and act of defense your punishment relentless for you I say this.
Muhhamad Ali Langston Huge Carver Washington due to you Iwil drop then win
The porch monkey flunkies stereo to videos now we on the tv show sun funding them to
Spike Lee and Denzel Cosby Run and D Billie Holiday Billy D lets see.
The movement of a stolen race forgiven not forgotten 40 acres and a mule turn out to be apartments.
Jackie Robinson Reggie Jackson Michael Jordan due to you we soring
from the segregated to to the situated way of living that was due to these brothers swinging hitting and never missing.
Jonny Cochran Thurgood Marshall Colin Powells you raised the bars in our powers.
Your advancements in the law made us pure from the past cause we judge politic and help our brothers save there ass.

Good Lookin Good Lookin good lookin baby yeah thank u baby now (repeated)

Al Green Marvin Gaye Aretha Franklin Sing
Sam Cooke Curtis Mayfield James Brown Wooooooooo Thank u baby
Biggie Biggie Tupac Jay Z that Brutha nas thank u baby

Good Looki three time Yeah thank u baby

for all your blood sweat and taers thru the years we thank u baby let me say it again now
For all the blood sweat and tears through the years we thank u babe good lookin out.

The End.


I We just realeased collectively My group The Bredren EP 5 songs.

Set List

I would come out to Take It or leave it two verses about two mins Long