San Antonio, Texas, USA
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Buttercup is an indie rock band from San Antonio, Texas that evokes the sadness of a 1970's Neil Young while pouring out the exuberance of early Talking Heads. The band harmonizes magically, perfectly: like the Beach Boys or In Sync. They sometimes sing through telephones.They write A LOT of songs.


Since Buttercup played their first gig together in 2003, it has been a constant production of maniacal bliss in the form of art rock, brought to an audience in unconventional and creative ways: for instance playing to audience members one at a time, or singing while swimming in baby pools. Formed in San Antonio, the band has fused a post-modern sound that crams their love of The Kinks, Neil Young and The Talking Heads into something more at home with fellow Texans Spoon, Chicago's Wilco or New York's Besticles.

The band shows no sign of slowing their pace, joyously celebrating the 2009 release of their third full length album, “The Weather Here” produced by Salim Nourallah (Rhett Miller, The Old 97s), whose songwriting and production skills have created the group's best recording to date.

Armed with a batch of new songs, and joined with heavy hitter Jason Garner on drums (Deathray Davies, The Paperchase) Buttercup is now playing harder, heavier and sillier than ever.

From their charmingly arranged harmonies to their unpredictable onstage antics, Buttercup is comfortable and chameleon-like in a live setting. The Cup revels in their ability to adapt from a stripped-down, intimate environ to a raucous, energetic and unpredictable club show. Employing such whimsical tools as an old rotary telephone, tambourines, glockenspiels and other fanciful homemade instruments, fans have come to expect the barriers between the stage and audience to be broken; teeth to be lost and hearts to be won.


consensus chalice

Written By: erik sanden

get in the van put on your seat belt
someone’s gonna have to drive
but who are all these strangers in here tonight?

a german with eyes wet with tears starts to drive
a coup d’etat, teutonic smile
your hands your hips your plunged neckline
watch your back oh watch your back
take a sip or just nod off

consensus chalice
consensus eludes us

the road grows bumpy
it’s a fact that a faction cecedes
standing but really leaning hard
on a miserichord

beauty is fleeting but you are perfect
pass the glass for the 13th time
JFK at the free throw line
Watch your back o’ watch your back
A flimsy feeling, fleeting trust

consensus chalice
consensus chalice
you sense this malice
you feel this sky these clouds are unstable
and whatever joy or charm they had
has been replaced with a coup!

i am a tiger

Written By: erik sanden

if not there oh where does it fit?
stare into blue eyes that flow
from me to you to something newer
your lips your hips that shake this room

i am a lion
i am a tiger

je t’aime compait
je suis un petit tigre
with eyes that know
your bath or floor, bed or miserichord
or hands that shake like milk

i am a lion
i am a tiger

everything just changes in a second
everything just changes in a second
picnic! hey! lightning! hey!
picnic! hey! lightning! hey!

waiting, what are we waiting for?

je t’aime
je t’aime


Written By: erik sanden

can we talk here? I think I need your ear
but if we’re talking low I don’t wanna whisper you know
more like peel off my shirt, and show you where it hurts
but if we’re talking down I got a deep sea trench I found
staring into outerspace like some kinda broken doll
with the pull strings cut I just mutter
“what happened to us?”
what’s happening to us?

oh, I think I know, bah-bah

please help me
if you can move me I’m long overdue
wake me, shake me, pull my body from this tomb

walkin’ down the street
with my head slung low
there’s an advantage to this stooped vantage
you can sweep up the trash the shit
sometimes a treasure trove
picking up a broken doll pull the string watch him sing
a song called I’m the moon in the teardrop sky
I’m the wayward son in a mother's eye
I don’t wanna disappear tonight, no

but oh here i go, bah-bah

please don't leave me
if you can move me I need to feel you
wake me, please shake me
pull my body from this watery womb
oh, oh

I’m better, no better than you found me…thank you


2004 - DVD - Goodbye, Blue Monday
2005 - Album - Sick Yellow Flower
2006 - Album - Hot Love
2007 - EP - Captains of Industry
2007 - EP - Living Again
2008 - EP - The Head Sits Upside Down on the Top of the Head
2009 - Album - The Weather Here

Set List

Original material with the occasional whimsical cover.

Sets can between a few songs up to several hours -- we can summon Bruce Springsteen syle stamina, if needed... something that comes easy: we love to play.