Butterfinger has a sound so polished and smooth it will ease its way into your head. The songs are so infectious that they won't leave once they're in there...


It’s been 2 years filled with immeasurable hard work and a roller coaster ride of sky-rocketing triumphs and accomplishments...... all from an independent band who is realizing its goal of having people hear its music on a global level.

Butterfinger released its much-anticipated self-titled CD in October, 2002 to a sold-out audience, capitalizing on the momentum of the bands’ award-winning song, “Breathe.” It was “Breathe” that won the band the national song-writing award in 2001, jet-setting the four off to Toronto for Canadian Music Week. That award led to heavy airplay in Western Canada, exploding to become the most-requested song in Saskatoon for several weeks. The monstrous success of “Breathe” led the band to embark on a full-length album that would eventually take them to Calgary, Toronto and Los Angeles, California.

Butterfinger enlisted the help of established producer Jared Kuemper (Sheryl Crow, Tegan and Sara, the Moffats) for an album that would take over a year to perfect. It was with Jared’s profes-sional blend of unique hooks, fresh effects and upbeat tempos where Butterfinger’s sound was molded and polished, pushing the band to become a major player in not only Canadian, but in the American and European music markets.

Butterfinger’s first single, “Fall”, dominated radio stations across Canada and the United States within days of its release, bringing the question to many program directors’ minds “WHO ARE THESE GUYS?”. “Fall” was immediately cited by Canadian Music Network Magazine and Galaxy Network as an “Independent Release Success Story”. The song was then selected by Canadian Music Network as a “Hot Pick” on its compilation CD, raising its profile even higher in the industry.

“Fall” reached Number 1 on several radio charts for 5 weeks in a row and after 7 months continues to maintain its popularity in dozens of radio markets. The success story of “Fall” has not been limited to Canada. Butterfinger’s accomplishments were highlighted at music industry conferences such as New Music West (Vancouver), Canadian Music Week (Toronto), Taxi Road Rally Convention ( Los Angeles)...which then led to airplay in San Jose, California, Springfield, MS, Atlanta, GA, Columbus, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Memphis, TN, and Charlotte, NC. The single was recently picked up in Germany and Sweden, with record company interest out of those markets. Success has also come from the bands’ website where the CD has been in demand as far away as Australia.

At the time of the release of Butterfinger’s second single, “Do You Feel”, which has already hit #1 on several Canadian radio play lists, the band has seen its popularity grow immeasurably. This has led to an “Outstanding Rock Recording” nomination at the Western Canadian Music Awards. The single “Fall” will be featured on the WCMA’s Compilation CD, as well as in 15 thousand cases of Big Rock products. In addition to the WCMA compilation CD, “Fall” was selected to be the first track on Indie Pool’s compilation disc of Canada’s best unsigned bands. The one-year anniversary of the album’s release also saw Butterfinger receive a VideoFACT grant to shoot a video for “Do You Feel” with Toronto-based film company Firewatch Films.

“Butterfinger is a blend of polished songwriting and an extremely powerful live performance.” (CD Baby “Editor’s Pick”) It’s that performance that has packed centers around the country--and made fans addicted for more.


Do You Feel

Written By: Tariq, Kuemper

Well my cell phone's ringing and the dead are living
And the things I liked they all stopped making
Every time I turn my back, I always seem to start to laugh
Yesterday was just a dream, and all worked out if you know what I mean
And I thank you for giving it all to me, giving it all
(You can scream, but I can't hear you)

Do you feel like I do, like it's out of your hands
Do you feel like I do, they don't understand
Do you feel like I do, your head's in the sand
Do you feel like I do, don't know where to land

In the morning when I wake up,
the radio and T.V. are making up
The things they said and the things they did
They never add up and they never make sense.
Try to save our point of view, hold our breath 'till we turn blue
Shake your hand and hang your head
If you're looking for me I'll be under my bed
(Sticks and stones won't break all my bones)

(Feel like I do)
Chorus x 2


Written By: Person, Penny, Tariq, Kuemper

What are you gonna do, now that it's gone?
There's nobody left to call you anymore.
It's all raining down on you, it's all raining down.
Do you have any more to say?
You've lost all there is to lost, so
What are you going to do?

If your cup is empty, I will fill it up
And I will come around and pick you up if you
Fall, Fall, Fall, If you
Fall, Fall, Fall.

Yesterday came and went, like everyday goes
Days never last that long, only the lows.
You took all my pictures down
Because you think it might make you feel better
To pretend... you've lost all there is to lose
So what are you going to do?


You can't come down, and you won't turn arount
Now that you're gone are you still moving on?
Did you Fall, Fall, Fall?



Butterfinger - Butterfinger (2002 LP)
Fall (Single, 2003) - national radio airplay, mp3 available on Website
Do You Feel (Single, 2003) - mp3 available on Website

Set List

Our typical set list is a 45 min. set with all of the songs from our album.

We can play 3 - 50 min. sets of covers as well. Typical repertiore includes Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls, Lenny Kravits, Jimmy Eat World, Papa Roach, Green Day, Sublime, Eve 6, Sam Roberts