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Butterfly Lovers

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Solid Talent and Appeal"

"such solid talent and appeal. Look forward to more;" - Record Executive

"Epic Songs and Odd Times"

Great Show! I really enjoyed the epic songs and odd times...nice to see an up and coming band... - MySpace


"Butterfly Lovers EP"
Streaming: "Stratagem" and "Endless Rerun"



One of Vancouver's hot, young bands, the Butterfly Lovers started out in 2004 when the two guitarists, Sam and Jon, who met in high school band class (tuba and trumpet if you must know), thought they, along with Mac (bass) and Joel (drums), should get into a room and just play music. After some discussion, it was decided, instead, to go to the local guitar shop and try out the latest gear,(with the exception of Sam who cut out to go snowboarding). The first jam plan got de-railed almost as soon as it was hatched. Eventually they found themselves at Jon's house with their instruments and just started jamming original material. Instantly they meshed and within 60 days played their first live gig with a 35 minute set of original material (one of those songs even made it to the EP one year later). By that time Sam and Joel had quit the band they were in and Mac and Jon had quit the band they were in, and the Butterfly Lovers were born (they had about 30 names before that....some real beauts... as the band was re-named before every gig it seems). The band prides itself on continually developing its technical prowess while constanly working on new material and updating and expanding their repetoire.

The Butterfly (Speyeria Cybele) belongs to the order Lepidoptera which means scale wings. Butterflies are the only insects to have their wings covered with millions of scales. The scales give the butterflies their color and help them fly by trapping air between the individual scales. There are about 15,000 butterflies in the world and ten times that many moths or about 150,000 species. As with other insects, their body is divided into three part: head, thorax and abdomen.