Butterfly Molly

Butterfly Molly


Really? Well it's a very unique, hard hittin' sound that you'll feel in your gut, nightmares and teddy bears blah, blah, blah. Check it out and see for yourself....


" Where to start... I'm a drummer/percussionist, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, screamer, growler, dj, producer, engineer, designer, executive, all around musician, entertainer, businessman..."

Derived from the drummer of Drowned Youth about a decade back. This is the dark, the unknown, experimental, the BUTTERFLY MOLLY.
The first self titled LP was released on Nov 24th 2009 and has received lots of great feedback.
Stay tuned and keep listening.

Here's what a few others are saying about Butterfly Molly.

"Butterfly Molly has been accepted for Tunecore's Experience Halloween Sampler 2010 available on Amazon.com for free! Itunes release is this coming week"

"Interesting joints Bernie, like the style.. Reminds me of a System of a Down. "
Mike Smith of Suffocation - Smith Blast

"Unfortunately w/ metal you often get a bunchof people on stage that can't play worth a shit and they seem to have an off key screaming contest. That isn't the case w/ Butterfly Molly - these folks know how to handle there instruments and handle them well. Its metal but its metal played proficiently. The vocals are great. Used for full effect,soft when need be,a whisper if its called for and a necessary scream right on cue. This is a tight band with a lot of talent. If you hit the Webster or Toads shoot me an email I'd love to catch ya live. "
Rick Frost - Free World Radio Telecasting™, MusicXray

"COSMIC" IS A GREAT SONG!! AND YOUR MUSIC IS HEAVY AS HELL!! THAT RULES MAN!! - Kelvin (Big-Mack-Atlanta) , Kelvin (Big-Mack) (Aug 01, 0009)

"Diggin on your very cool and original sound! Keep rockin' and much success always! Love § Rock 'n Roll Kisses! Jade ~ XxXx" - Jade, Broadcast Asylum Radio (Aug 06, 0009)

"You are a shining example of humanity. Sarge on… " - Neil Strauss-L.A., CA, Neil Strauss (Aug 06, 0009)

"We love reverbnation! and the trax are good! I'm great, thanks for asking...but real busy can hardly breathe :) it's this time of the morning 4.41am I am awake to relax and listen in to my mate in the USA! Brenda " - Brenda, Ice Management and Tours (Australia) (May 15, 0009)

" The next mega star! Upcoming LP is a must buy..." - Local Press Associate, Local Press (Jul 24, 2009)


Let the music and abundance of talent speak for themselves.



Written By: Bernie Simpson

New skin melting off my bones
Replaced with shards of hate
Evolution gleaming in a lower form
The ways of violence we reform
My silence gone, now broken to spoken word
I scream to realize this is no dream
Fighting and fighting for a way out
No way there is only death

Of your inner vision and will to continue on
Whats left of reality nothing when I chew it up
And spit it out in disgust

Listen to the sound of the unwanted voice
Driven out in a way of jumbled speech
The unintelligent recourse of mistaken actions
Repetition is all our sin
Curse passed down through generations of self conceived hells
Finally reborn in the image of your angels

Of your inner faith and will to continue on
Whats left of reality nothing when I chew it up and spit it out in disgust

Take a minute

Written By: Bernie Simpson

Take a minute to realize that it's the D-M-O-N-I-C METHOD
You bitches you better get it right, RIGHT if you wanna fight
Cause I hate you
While I'm hating you in hell
You want to dig me up

This is the new revolution say,
You're not safe with me I'm so blackend
Into to you and the way I feel
Is so real
Let me know if you'll follow me
Into to this new way, cause I never thought I ever would be
Into this way

Hey, this is the new way real music for real muthaf---- who want to ROCK
It's the butterfly, It's the butterfly
If you're ready to lie you're ready to die

Here I go here we go let's start the show
Cause it's the butterfly if you want to know
My shows are like a circus if you want to cause a rucus scream and fuss
Scream and Fuss
It's the butterfly...
Want to cause a rucus scream and fuss
Want to cause a rucus scream and fuss

Like a disease, I flow through your veins
Just feel so much pain
Now you see where my head is at
So now, what do you think about

it's the D-M-O-N-I-C METHOD

Galaxy Rising

Written By: Bernie Simpson

Break the f--- away
Break the f--- away

I hate, I live and I die everyday you f--- lie
Break, me away not again
Get the f--- up
Bring, me away

Get the f--- up when I say that it's the butterfly
The butterflies in your belly
I take you straight downtown if you wanna get down
I'll f-- you up
Bring, me away
And take me away today
Away, not again

Live the days to f--- you
Then I say f--- you

Not again, Not again
My enemy
Not again, not a friend
Of an enemy

Galaxy rising over me


Written By: Bernie Simpson

Cosmic beams running through my eyes
I can't see straight anymore
All things linger in confusion
As I strive to move forward not back
Wait another day before the demon comes to get you
In your dreams doesn't it seem ironic you can really feel anything

Cosmic beams running through my eyes
The full spectrum of life I can't see straight anymore
All things linger in confusion as I strive to move forward not back

Oh yes I am, I wouldn't have it any other way
You can't really put me through when you see
Then you will hear how we do
You wish that you could be the same
Just let me show you how we make this shit really go down

You never saw
And now you will finally see

You go this way and I go that way
Head first off the freeway
Into hell we will go and sing the dark songs of our days

Watching you fade into nothing but dust in the blackness
You're nothing but a shadow looking for tomorrow
Pure sorrow runs through your veins
I feel pity for no human
Don't bite my hand or I'll curse this land

Day by day my search grows narrow
Down the dark alleys I'm trying to find my mind
All these things that I left behind
Save this day and I won't stay home


Butterfly Molly
Butterfly Molly UNMG0003
Unseen Music Group, LTD 2009

Butterfly Molly
3:33 (single)
Unseen Music Group, LTD 2010

Butterfly Molly
Reality Nothing EP
Unseen Music Group, LTD
(Expect by the end of this year or the beginning of 2011)

Set List

SET LIST 2010-2011

Welcome to my freakshow
Flawless (get ya toy)
Galaxy Rising
Take a minute
Drown (interlude)
Human disaster (acoustic)
Count the numbers
The Roof
Gather round'
Silence Gone (Our Sepultura Varience)
I think therefor I am
Blue Dream