Butterknife Wives

Butterknife Wives

 Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, USA

You won't hear the same sounding song twice. Butterknife Wives does rock music with a twist. From the riff-rock anthem “So Fine” to the upbeat sweet sounds of “Sugar.” Their performance is a ride that you will get on and not want to get off...


Butterknife Wives is an American-Rock group from Detroit, MI. Formed in 2010 from the ashes of Trygemany, the band's very first meeting took place in Madison Height's very own, Green Lantern. The band features the guitar work of Jason Karman, combined with Kenny Kochajda's stellar groove and Curtis Brown's seasoned drum chops. From the first session the group was writing material, and in a matter of less than a month the band began performing live with full all original sets.

Stand out tracks, such as So Fine and Sheila, feature dynamic vocals matched with unhinged riffs to evoke a heart-pounding collection of rock n roll at it's finest. Whilst songs like Psycho and Long Winter expand into other territories not often seen these days. With such a diverse background, Butterknife Wives create a palate of music that appeals to any music lover.

Butterknife Wives were recently featured on TMSC Radio, and their March 18th performance was broadcast live on http://livedetroit.tv.

Set List

-- Typical Set List --

Vader Jam (Kochajda)
Sheila (Kochajda/Karman/Brown)
Doing All Right (Karman)
B5 (Brown/Kochajda)
Long Winter (Brown/Kochajda)
Sugar (Kochajda/Karman/Brown)
Jacob and the Rusty Sailors (Brown/Kochajda)
Song in G (Karman)
Psycho (Kochajda/Karman)
Blue (Karman)
So Fine (Karman)

-- Extended Set/Covers --

Blues Jam/Medley - Various
Roxanne - Police
She's Not There - Animals/Santana
Swlabr - Cream