Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Buttonhoof, an eclectic and intensely full three piece hailing from the honest flats of southern Indiana where they stray only a few feet from their punk rock roots. Soulful lyrics accommodated by a never modest bass section that can only be matched by the syncopated magician we call a drummer.  


Buttonhoof turned on their amps in the spring summer of 2010. They compiled a set of original material to start playing live. They have since put out two EPs and have self booked two tours. Once the last kinks are worked out they will be recording their debut full length this fall.


Don't Walk There

Written By: Jordan Henline

No one expects you to show much grief when you lock your doors and child is asleep. No one expects this sort of fear, hatch the batton for your neighbors are near. If only you had the foresight to be different. Popular demand for safetys sake. A four button code withers a deep handshake. An impact you want a walk you wont take. Paralysis by analysis your mistake. If only you had the foresight to be different. Pack your belongings mam its time to leave, cover your mouth your air he wont breath. Oil up your engine and dont come back, dont assume for a second this is your last attach. If only you had the foresight to be different.

The Curve

Written By: Jordan Henline

Standing the shadow of insanity, shadowing a man of conformity. Waking to die and dying to sleep. A rough serrated edge buried too deep, the trains of knowledge never derail. Laws can be broken to ride. And we'll take a dance, spinning in circles, all over town. I see that twinkle in your eye and notice you have mistook NBC for god. Lets go to the river, I swear I'll dump it in. I swear I'll watch it dissipate. Watch it leave the state.


2010- Biological Lottery EP
2011 - Self Titled EP