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2012 EP- Little Dark, Little Grey



One look, you wouldn’t see the pain endured by lifes growing up not fitting in amongst his peers, not having any friends, and being a clinical tester for the newest ADHD medication. From one listen, you wouldn’t feel the dark soreness that his songs carry, but rather a catchy song writer with a great outlook on life.
“Buttons”, born Hutton Earl Baird, grew up shuffling from school to school because of life circumstances and found himself unable to connect with kids his age. Awkard and left to a cruel world, Buttons found himself connecting and happy through music. A childhood friend’s death early in his life taught him not to care what others think, but rather what he thinks of himself.
“It’s not instinctive for me to write songs that feel dark or sad, but to write about how I feel because I find it therapeutic. I find my lyrics can be more pessimistic, though from first listen you probably wouldn’t know it. Playing and writing music helps me feel stronger and more intact with myself. It reminds me that I am a person and my feelings are real”, adds Buttons.
Buttons knows he can’t change the world, but you can change yourself. He knows that his music may not connect with every listener, but hopes that every listener it does connect with will draw the strength they need to move forward in life.