Butt Ugly

Butt Ugly


We are a band from Champaign. We are metal and play some skum rock. We have some cd's but not a good enough demo. Play in local clubs and have opened up for some underground bands. Played with Gortesque, ghangus gawn, Worid.


We like to listen to a lot of underground stuff! Some of our major influences are: Lamb of God, Muder Junkies, Shadows Fall, Slipknot, Pantera, Misfits and more.


We are signed by an underground record company called HEAVYCORE RECORDS. This is in the Illinois region so check out the site at www. heavcore.org

Set List

Shut the fuck up, turn around, butt ugly, chemical breakdown, uglys away, bitch from hell, who they are, the game, seller dweller, Putrid life, Witches brew and more!