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Midland, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | INDIE | AFM

Midland, Ontario, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Rock Alternative


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"Songs For the Hanged Man Review"

Buzz Deluxe
“Songs For The Hanged Man”
CD review for Blue Suede News
David S. Faris

Sometimes less is more, and limitations can spark wild creativity. Buzz Deluxe have embraced this philosophy, and have taken a streamlined approach as a band, carving a unique identity for themselves, showcased on their newest album, Songs For The Hanged Man. The Toronto-area 2-piece is a lean, mean combo, with Jesse James Dale on lightning-sharp guitar and vocals, and Kerry Dale on a standup drumkit and vocals. The couple use their primal rock and roll instrumentation to conjure up a raw and raunchy sound without sacrificing melody in their songs. And while The White Stripes may have made a huge impact in the mainstream as a male/female, guitar/drums outfit, Buzz Deluxe are blazing their own trails, and have more in common with groups such as Flat Duo Jets, The Cramps, or Reverend Horton Heat. Their “100 proof death swing” draws influence from ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly, ‘80s psychobilly, and ‘90s grungey indie rock, with a jolt of garage punk aggression, and an overall modern sophistication.

Buzz Deluxe have a restless energy, and are not afraid to break away from familiar territory in their musical explorations. Songs For The Hanged Man certainly benefits from this approach, and offers up several different aspects of the group’s sound. Recorded in their own home studio (“in our living room where we eat and watch tv” according to the liner notes!), and released on their Starving Skull Records label, Songs is a proud DIY venture which captures Buzz Deluxe in fine form. Kicking off with the scrappy guitars and pounding backbeat of the psycho/garage rocker “Zen”, Songs includes loud, punky thrashers (“Us Against You”, “My Bike”), fuzzy melodic rock (“Amy”), off-kilter countrified licks (“Get Hip”), acoustic songs (“Born to Move”), and the amusingly ridiculous “Chicken Dale”.

The album’s stylistic twists and turns can be a bit jarring, but Buzz Deluxe are taking the listener on a trip to somewhere dark and dangerous, and there’s no turning back, you just have to hold on and enjoy the wild ride. A few noteworthy tracks include: “Get Hip”, an uptempo song with Kerry Dale on lead vocals, which in a strange way hearkens back to Les Paul and Mary Ford’s pioneering country pop; “Gold or White”, a standout on the album delving into an unbalanced fascination and repulsion with tequila; and “13 Days”, lyrically referencing William S. Burroughs. Buzz Deluxe make the most of their male/female vocal harmonies and guitar/drums interplay, creating a back and forth dynamic that defines their sound.

As the latest in a string of albums and EPs, Songs is an impressive collection, and if you can hunt down the Australian release on Valenteen Records, you’ll be rewarded with 2 bonus tracks. Either way, get hip to the Buzz! - Blue Suede News

"MSN Entertainment writer album review"

Buzz Deluxe

Mix lightning guitar, cornpone, and kerosene and you have Buzz Deluxe, a thoroughly impressive self-titled CD from Jesse James Dale and Kerry Lyn Dale. The sound comes from just two musicians but it is uncommonly complex and dense.

Jesse Dale is a musical visionary, blending nearly unimaginable diverse genres into pulse racing, thematic songs. It's an unusual word to describe an album of rockabilly but it is fascinating, careening from one hot sound to a cool one, bound by literate, clever lyrics and blazing asides, layering visceral and fantasy elements.

Buzz Deluxe is symphonic in nature, sophisticated musical storytelling with emotion and elegance. It's kick-ass fun, even scary at times. It tips the hat to the White Stripes, the Doors, Country Joe & the Fish, and the Eagles but remains defiantly unique.

The Dales have a great retro look-good Elvis meets Tammy and the some.
It's a rockin' package, one of the strongest and most unusual albums of the year.

(The author has worked in the media field for over 30 years and has reviewed and interviewed a multitude of major label musicians, from Wyclef Jean to Mick Jagger. You can contact her at - Anne Brodie

"New Album Review"

“Buzz Deluxe”

The new album from Buzz Deluxe, this 15 song self- titled CD rocks! Although, I have one question - how about a lyric sheet next time? There are some pretty clever lyrical twists here and I’d like to make sure I’m not missing anything!

Did you ever ask yourself what real Rock and Roll is? Buzz Deluxe have the answer to that question. Ripping guitars, primal drums and a great vocal- that’s real Rock and Roll- and that’s exactly what this disc is all about. Featuring lots of new songs, and some re-recordings from the Buzz Deluxe back catalogue, they strip it all down to the basics for their new adventure as a two piece band. No bass-with Kerry’s steady sticks on the skins, her charming backing vocals, and Jesse filling in the sonic soundscape with the Gretsch guitar and his hillbilly vocals, well, we don’t need no stinking basses!

“Long Legged Boogie” is a new Buzz classic – great lyric about his gal’s legs, featuring a distorted vocal, heavy guitar and some deep Kerry Lyn Dale drumming.
“Big Thick Shoes” is Jesse’s song about his creepers, clever funny and cool, with some neat stick- clickin’ and hi-hat work from Kerry.
“Firecracker” (previously released on Blue Special) is still one of my favourite Buzz Deluxe tracks –and this version is even better!
“Attention Way” may represent the birth of a genre – Maritime death polka! You have to hear this one to believe it.

Buzz Deluxe are still blazing through their version of rockabilly/ real rock and roll, but seem to developing their voice into something even more unique and idiosyncratic than their previous recordings. Fantastic CD- buy it– and check out some songs and the dates for the U.S. summer tour on their myspace site!

~Christian D
- Christian D (Knee Deep in Squaresville)

""Stay Slick" CD Review"

The second release from Toronto rockabilly band Buzz Deluxe. This is a real cool modern rockabilly album-though JD Lucks himself prefers the term "Real Rock n' Roll".
This record is full of floor stomping songs with a whopping load of great guitar work. JD pulls a little bit of everything out of his guitars.
You like frantic rockabilly solos- he's got 'em, you want some cool jazz flavours- well, he's got that too. Check out "I'm Not Scared" for the gypsy jazz style solo and a great smoky vocal line.
"Gordon" may be the coolest song anyone has ever written about a dog... great vocal hooks, a great shout-along chorus and another of JD's ripping guitar solos- this is a definite crowd pleaser.
Take a listen to the song "Buried Alive" for its dark, menacing swamp-stomp feel...creepy!
In short, "Stay Slick" swings, it rocks and it rolls! - Knee Deep in Squaresville Toronto Fanzine

"Comments from Col. JD Wilkes (Th'Legendary Shack Shakers)"

"Buzz Deluxe is too cool. It's the way American music is done right... from the heart, not just the hands."
-Colonel J.D. Wilkes (Th'Legendary Shack Shakers)
- Colonel J.D. Wilkes

"Comments from Tre Cool (Green Day)"

"Why haven't I heard of you guys yet?! You guys bring it so hard and Kerry's easily the best female drummer out there! You wanna go smoke this with me?" - Tre Cool (backstage after show in Perth, Australia)

"Review of Punktoberfest 8"

"Rockabilly Still the Original Punk Rock!"
Last night amongst a crowd of mohawks, safety pins, and ska band after ska band, one shining light stood out. Local rockabilly/punkabilly act Buzz Deluxe came out to a very receptive audience, that had obviously seen them before, and ripped right into a Psycho-Surf instrumental that harkened back to the days of Dick Dale and Link Wray.
At one point Jesse Dale, the singer/guitarist, hopped up on the PA speaker as a garden of hands reached out to touch his guitar, Rock and Roll heaven!
They played a tight set, packing in a lot of Rock n' Roll, with little chit-chat, for a good 35 minutes. And just when everyone thought they had seen it all, the (now ex-) bassist threw his bass and equipment off the stage for no explainable reason, and then we watched the broken remains of a beautiful bright orange bass literally crowd surf right to the back of the huge gymnasium where some kid ran off with the body!
The 500+ kids in Newmarket are lucky to have such a thriving punk scene, especially one where they get to see the roots of it all so close.
Don't be suprised if a few mohawks turn into pompadours the next time around. - Apathy-World Magazine

""Blue Special" CD Review"

“Blue Special”

The new Buzz Deluxe album is in! The lead track is another of the Buzz crew’s instrumentals so all you guitar freaks can get a good dose right at the start. Next up is a real cool cover of “Bopalena,” a song I can never get enough of and this version really kicks! The other and perhaps “odder” cover on Blue Special is the Dwight Yoakam song “Red Dresses” which they take in a whole different direction than Dwight himself. It begins with a nice jazzy swing, goes through an unusual breakdown and fades out on a really sweetly played acoustic guitar.
Jesse’s penchant for different subject matter rears it head on “Brown Derby Shake” a swinging rocker about his favourite hat- seems like this guy can write a song about damn near anything!
The title track, “Blue Special” is an ode to Jesse’s antique auto- a great rocking song, though from the lyrics, the car itself needs a lot of work! You can check out a video over at their website.
“Firecracker” is a straight up rocker with cool stops, a great vocal performance and fantastic guitar work- this has got to be my favourite Buzz Deluxe song, so far anyway!

Check out some great acoustic playing on the song “Every Time I Hear that Bang” a dark blues rocker about Russian roulette.

I love the cover art of Jesse James Dale chasing the Buzz Deluxe ladies driving off in the Blue Special (cover by Emily Thomas)

Go buy it online at

And make sure you play the whole disc— there are some surprises long after the last song is done….

~Christian D

- Knee Deep in Squaresville Toronto Fanzine


Buzz Deluxe - LP (2007-Falsetto)

Zombie Night In Canada vol. 1 (compilation)

Zombie Night In Canada vol. 2 (compilation)

Pezmosis-Like Nobodies Business Vol. 1 (compilation)

No Vinyl Records Vol. 1 (compilation)

Songs for the Hanged Man (2009-Falsetto)

Songs for the Hanged Man-Australian Version (2009-Valenteen)

Snapper Magee's Good Music and Booze Vol. 1 (2010-compilation)

Miss and Tropic - LP (2012-Falsetto)

The Oily Years - LP (2013-Falsetto)



From the backwoods parties and bonfires of swamp-land Florida, Jesse Dale showed off his Chuck Berry licks any chance he got across the country and eventually ended up in Toronto, Canada where he started the first version of Buzz Deluxe with friends from work.
They started playing regular gigs in 2004 as a three-piece Swing Punk band, playing anything from Rock, Blues, Swing, and Surf before eventually developing their own unique combination of the genres. After many attempts, Jesse finally got Kerry out to play as a last minute fill-in on drums and she turned out to have the sound and style that the music needed. They currently travel all over as a two-headed rock n roll spectacle sharing stages with all sorts of genres.

With support from Falsetto Records (MTL) they are now piecing together the sum of their experiences and making high energy Rock 'n Roll with some mysterious twists and turns.

To date they have accomplished a slew of amazing feats for an unsigned band, from captivating crowds with their strange but hip-shaking live show (where more than once the audience testimonial of swearing they heard more than one guitar was spoken) to being featured on multiple network television appearances and headlining high-profile stages and festivals on numerous occasions all over the world.  This includes Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand with many more countries in their sights.

Featured band at Roger's Centre (Skydome) in Toronto during Toronto Argonauts professional football regular season game. (2007)

Featured band on Slice Channel's network television show, "Party Mamas" during episode in 2007 season.

Featured on an episode of the CBC television program, "The Feud" in 2008.

Headlining band on final night of one of North America's premier Rockabilly festival, "The Red, Hot & Blue Rockabilly Weekender" in Montreal, Quebec, which also featured original Sun Records recording artist, 'Sonny Burgess and the Pacers'. (2007)

Selected for Saturday night showcase at 2008 Canadian Music Week music conference in Toronto.

Headlining band on 2nd night of Toronto's own Rockabilly/Roots festival, Rockin' It Up II, also featuring such international touring acts as the 'Three Blue Teardrops' and the 'Gutterdemons'. (2007)

Included on Volumes 1 and 2 of the 'Zombie Night in Canada' compilations (Universal distribution), showcasing Canadian Rockabilly and Psychobilly bands. Both compilations were #1 in the college radio charts in Canada and received many favourable reviews, online and in print, several of which mentioned Buzz Deluxe tracks as standouts.

Featured in popular Toronto roots music fanzine, "Knee Deep in Squaresville" in interview and positive album reviews. Also featured in the issue with our interview is an interview with Hellcat Records legendary artist, Kim Nekroman. (2007)

Played 2nd headlining slots two years in a row at Punktoberfest 8 & 9. With over 1000 in attendance on average, this is one of the largest alternative music concerts north of Toronto.

Featured in full-colour, multi-page spread in Vortex Magazine, the leading alternative music print resource north of Toronto. (2006)

Had original song, "Custom Job" featured in Stock Car racing video for PureStock TV. (2007)

Headlined Melbourne, Australia's largest Rockabilly & Punk Festival, 'Punkabilly Festival 7' which was preceded by a successful DIY Aussie tour promoted solely online on the merits of our video clips and other online media. Based on the success of that tour they headlined Punkabilly Festival 9 and continued on to headline a tour that brought them from Melbourne to Tasmania to Perth, New Zealand, Brisbane and Sydney and also included a non-exclusive distribution deal from Valenteen Records in Melbourne. (2008-2009)

Embarked on 2nd self booked/promoted U.S tour which includes headlining the 3 day Minneapolis Messaround vintage car show, headlining the Annual Johnny Cash Tribute show, "Cash Bash' in Lafayette, IN., headlining the monthly Rockabilly Riot in Pittsburgh, and headlining the outdoor stage for the 4th Zombie Walk in Cleveland, OH

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