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BWC Hataz

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"This Weeks Feature"

This weeks featured band are less local than usual, hailing from the United States Of America. A friend of mine suggested this up and coming band to me as something "different" and "unique" and they certainly played true to those statements. The four track CD could almost come from the streets of London as they use crude, but effective beats and bring a whole new level to the scene with lyrics of a hardcore and violent imagery. BWC Hataz are defiantly a band to watch out for in the upcoming year and the years to come, with many new CDs promised and songs in the pipeline there's no telling what's in the future for these two young MC'ers. A fresh new style from America that makes a change to 50 Cent and Brittany Spears, maybe too hardcore for some, but if it's not to your taste, I don't think they'd care either way.
- Thanet Court College - England


Southwest Down Bootleg
The Beginning Of The End
Who Killed Acid Rap (Releasing May 23 2009)



It started as just a young rap clique-BWC Hataz. Since 7th Grade we've kept the name strong. We kept our thick rap shit together for over 6 years. Our sound was straight foreward, with CD's like Bootleg and The Beginning Of The End. After that we started getting influenced by hardcore/deathcore and the local punk scene. Over the two year span, our popularity grew and we were getting recognized and doing shows with Scranton's powerhouse of underground acts(Unstable Mindz and E.S.H.). As we started to craft our new CD "Who Killed Acid Rap?!!?" we discovered our sound was taking a brutal tone. So brutal, that our scene of fans didn't understand the transition. We single-handedly created a new genre "RAPxCORE", that no one was ready for. But now we're happy, that no one understands. Mainly because we're finding a new niche of hardcore kids down with our shit. "I feel like we're a new light to the Juggalo Family. Mainly 'cause to all the ninjaz that like other music could really get down with us, and at the same time the hardcore scene could check us out and be like wow, maybe not all Juggalos are just scrub rappers" -BC T.L.I. "Through all the shit we've been through, and stages we've rocked. We're where we wanna be. We got this brutal thick sound. We got the oppurtunity to really say something with our music. And we can't wait to really unlease our sickness on everyone." -BWC Hataz.