BandHip Hop

Christian rap, with southern beats. Just telling the message of Christ over instrumentals. urban gospel...Taking real life situations and relating them scripture. Teaching a message in every verse, so by the end of the cd a life is changed.


At a young age I was taught the word. My whole family has been basically centered around church.
So you can just say that I was born in the church. When i turned thirteen I started rapping for Christ, that same year my cousin's boyfriend took me to the studio for the first time. Ever since then I've been studying and developing my talent. The first christian rapper that impacted me the most was Lecrae. His songs sounded good but they also had scripture in them. Other rappers like Tedashii and Japhia life also influenced not only my style but the way I walked with God. What sets me apart is my passion for the people and the ministry. My main purpose is to make songs that either make you think or bring change.


Actually right now I'm working on an album called Life Under Construction. I don't have any songs over the radio airwaves, but Lately a few labels have been checking me out.