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"MP3, er, Tuesday: B. White"

Hey all! We got it together a little late yesterday, so MP3 Monday is MP3 Tuesday this week. Either way, this is the thing where we feature the singles from local artists that caught our ear. This week we've got "Tempted," from B. White of The 58's. The song features captivating vocals from Anna Ciaccio and a verse from Mayo. The single is off of B. White's third album The Anomaly, and on May 25th he's going to be celebrating the album's release. Stream or download it below!

__for download please see "Music" section
- Pittsburgh City Paper - Written by John Lavanga

"‘Next big thing’ might already be here"

By Mike Machosky

Published: Saturday, October 20, 2012, 8:58 p.m.
Updated: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So it was hip-hop that finally put Pittsburgh on the musical map, of all things. Who saw that coming?

In a few short years, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller and Girl Talk (OK, the latter leans more toward the electronic dance/mash-up side of things) have made inroads in the national consciousness, without shying away from their hometown roots. Will this continue? Or will the next thing out of Pittsburgh be something else entirely?

Of course, picking the “next big thing” is pretty much impossible. We're not talking about discovering the next Christina Aguilera, either. The odds of finding that particular needle-in-the-haystack are astronomical, and those kinds of pop stars don't generally come out of years of paying dues in local clubs.

Music nowadays has become so fragmented that the whole concept of getting “big” is kind of out of date, anyway. You can be a big deal in techno, for instance, and the average punk rocker or hip-hop head will likely remain oblivious to your existence.

Now, it's both easier to break through and harder. Fans from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection can find you with ease — but the same goes for every other band/performer on the planet. Breaking through the clutter is still a struggle.

Yet, there is plenty of talent percolating in Pittsburgh's nightclubs, studios, dive bars, garages, basements, dorm rooms and elsewhere, but it isn't always easy to find. This isn't meant to be a definitive look — there are plenty of bands/performers in Pittsburgh doing really interesting things. Here are a few of them:


“I was formed in McKee/Born at Magee/I'm the rotten crabapple that was torn from the tree.” Even in its heyday, McKeesport was a hard place. That hasn't changed much. Mon Valley crew The 58s aren't real glamorous, but they are real in a way that even hip-hop's never-ending parade of haters has to respect. B. White is a better lyricist than some rappers who could afford to buy entire boroughs in the Mon Valley, and the group's hard-hitting, uncluttered beats tend to stick in your skull. Still, seeing these guys on MTV would be as incongruous as crashing one of Diddy's celebrity-packed “white parties” decked out in black and gold.

Check 'em out: twitter.com/The58s
- Tribune Review - Written by Mike Machosky

"New Release From B. White by Andy Mulkerin"

B. White
The Anomaly
(The 58s)

McKeesport rapper B. White here presents his first solo full-length, released by his group The 58s. In 18 tracks (plus two bonus tracks), he lays down often brutal truths about life in the Mon Valley. White mixes social commentary and the personal, often in close quarters. On one track simply called "Me," he laments the hardships of street life and the futility of hip-hop culture's worship of material things, then wraps up the chorus with: "Welcome to hell / Welcome to me." It reveals a jarring sense of self-consciousness, sometimes even self-loathing, that mixes with a more general and expected hip-hop bravado. It's worth taking notice when the deep-voiced rapper takes time on a beautifully produced track ("Funeral") to drop a rhyme like, "But this is real as it can get / And I feel like a piece of shit." Recommended.

— Andy Mulkerin
- The Pittsburgh City Paper

"B. White represents McKeesport in the rap game "I wanted to come into the game as a hip-hop head and not a gimmick.""

"I was formed in McKee, born at Magee": B. White

B. White (real name Brian Whiteman) didn't begin taking his music seriously until recently, but the 29-year-old rapper's earliest experience recording music dates back to his teens.

"We were in high school and a buddy of mine had a studio. We did one song and it was basically a diss against another group," he says with a laugh.

The McKeesport native's re-introduction came in 2007, with the release of the Slowly But Surely mixtape. The recording was done with close friend Mayo, who, along with B. White, is part of a larger rap collective known as The 58's.

"Mayo had a studio and I went over and was just freestyling," B. White recalls. "Before you know it, we had 30 songs done, so we released it. The only way we distributed it was with hard copies."

Right now, the focus is online: In recent weeks, B. White and videographer Ben Fredette have collaborated on a weekly music video series they call Mon Valley Mondays.

It's hard to reference hip hop in McKeesport without acknowledging rap veteran Sam Sneed, who in the early '90s worked with several mainstream acts including K-Solo, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

"That was the first person that ever reached out to me," says B. White of Sneed. "He contacted with Mayo and said he heard about us and wanted to work with us."

The collaboration came on the Mon Valley Miracle mixtape in 2010, which also featured reputable New York-based rappers Raekwon, AZ, Jaz-O and Cormega.

"These are hip-hop icons," claims B. White. "I wanted to come into the game as a hip-hop head and not a gimmick, and I wanted people to know that so I used the old-school, more respected artists."

B. White says he's developed a loyal and varied fan base.

"Someone from the hood could listen to my music and someone from white suburbia could listen to it and they both will like it," he adds. "I think it might be because I'm white and I came from poverty."
- Pittsburgh City Paper - Written by Rory Webb

"Personality Test: B. White"

Now that Pittsburgh is a known quantity in the hip-hop world, thanks to Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, et cetera, making it big out of the 'Burgh is no longer a ridiculous dream.

The 58s from McKeesport hope to be among that number, building up local notoriety online through their YouTube videos for tracks like “Formed in McKee” and “Hardwood Classic.”

The 58s' distinctively combative personality comes from rappers B. White and Mayo, who never fail to give their hard-as-nails hometown plenty of credit. Recently, they've been doing something called “Mon Valley Mondays,” releasing new music videos, along with freestyles and behind-the-scenes footage, every week.

B. White (Brian Whiteman), 29, recently consented to take the Trib's personality test.

The star who would play me in the movie version of my life and why:

Will Ferrell. Because then I'd know the movie would be good.

The piece of memorabilia from my childhood I wish I still had:

My slingshot

Celebrity crush:

Bai Ling

I can't live without my: iPod, cellphone, DVR or laptop?


Pick one:

A. Pirates

B. Penguins

C. Steelers

D. Other

E. I hate sports

C. Steelers

Top thing on my ‘Bucket List' to do before I'm gone:

Walk on the moon

My favorite Pittsburgh athlete:

Merril Hoge

Favorite lunchtime spot:

Chick's Grill (McKeesport)

When I was 10, I wanted to be:

In the NFL

In five years, I'd like to:

Be a millionaire

One word my mother would use to describe me:


The oldest thing in my refrigerator is:

Whatever is in that takeout box on the bottom shelf

My favorite sandwich, plus fixings:

Steak-umm, provolone, mayonnaise

If I was auditioning for “American Idol,” my song would be:

“Ball Shorts” by Mikey & Big Bob from “The Freak Show”

TV marathon I could watch all day and why:

“The Office,” because it's hilarious

If I wasn't a musician, I'd be:


Favorite brunch food:

Leftover lasagna

My favorite cable channel:

History Channel

Life would be better without:


My first job:

Cleaning a bingo hall

My worst job:

Cleaning that bingo hall

Three people I'd love to have dinner with:

Tracy Morgan, Tina Fey and Aziz Ansari

Favorite reality show:

“Duck Dynasty” - Tribune Review - Written by Mike Machosky


The Anomaly - B. White - Released on iTunes April 28th, 2013 featuring production from the likes of Big Jerm, Sledgren and more with guest features from Troy Ave, Boaz, Anna Ciaccio, Primavera Vills, Tom Dug, and Mayo.

The Verdict 2012 - B. White - Released on iTunes and Amazon mp3 featuring production from the likes of Big Jerm, Statik Selektah, Sledgren and more with features from Boaz, Primavera Vills, and Mayo.

The Evidence 2011 - B. White - Featuring Franchise, Vinny Radio, Mayo, 4 Pound, and production from Sayez, Big Jerm, Git Beats and more.

The 58's Mixtape 2010 - The 58's - Released on Datpiff with B. White, Franchise, Vinny Radio, Ghosty, Mayo, and Primavera Vills featuring production from Big Jerm, KHRYSIS, and P. Fish.

The Mon Valley Miracle 2010 - B. White - Features guest appearances from AZ, Cormega, Raekwon, Jaz O, Mac Miller, and more.

Slowly But Surely 2009 - B. White - Featuring Mayo and Azif



Hailing from Mckeesport section of Pittsburgh, B. White tells a story of struggle. After years of grinding in the streets he is making a name for himself as one of the premiere acts in the city.