B. Wonderful Sound

B. Wonderful Sound


My music is the fusion of an Old School spirit, Global Vision, and International flavor. Music that makes you think as you shake your rump. My music is the soundtrack to the Revolution.


"Music is my life. She is my everything, like the air I breathe, and the beating of my heart. Music is keeping me alive. And through everything, she's down for me. May we never be apart." Born to a musician and a philosopher, all her life Carla Kelly has challenged herself to learn as much from the world around her as possible. The challenges and breakthroughs she has faced along the way would all find themselves expressed in song.

After seven years working with sharply rising acts including HEAVy, Zigi 108 Desires and Marcia Davis and Outro, Carla is stepping to the foreground to make her contribution to the Soul Renaissance with her own music, a dual project: "BuddhaSoulBaby & B. WonderfulSound - Live in Culture" and "B. WonderfulSound: All of the Above" due Summer and Fall 2007. Describing her own music results in terms such as "Global Soul", "Bodhisattva Soul Music", and "Soul Fusion", with her passion, Soul is as the constant. Her musical inspirations include Earth, Wind and Fire, Chicago, Chaka Khan, Amel Larrieux, Angie Stone, Yes, Maxwell, Faith Evans and Michael McDonald, and Stevie Wonder.

An all-around performer, the 20-something Bronx-born, globally-reared vocalist, and writer first experienced the arts while taking ballet and modern dance classes with her older cousins. Over the years, she studied various disciplines, playing flute in Middle School performing with the Bronx Borough-wide Senior Band at the world famous Carnegie Hall. This experience was her opportunity to transition into singing, her first albeit unexpressed love.

Carla is a graduate of La Guardia High School of Music and Art. She earned the "Award for Excellence in Vocal Music Performance" at graduation, after extensive Classical and Jazz training under Anna Ext, Michael Lirtzman and other distinguished faculty. There, she received the tools to take her innermost thoughts and feelings from mere ideas to music. In a class full of fabulous Soprano voices, her stand out Contralto/Mezzo voice became the pet project of her teachers who exposed her to a wide range of musical genres. Carla has graced the stage as a member of All-City High School Chorus, and NARAS Sponsored – Regional Jazz Vocal Ensemble, performing throughout at world renowned venues including: St. Patrick's Cathedral; Alice Tully, Avery Fisher and Carnegie Halls, even touring as a soloist in Barcelona, Spain. There, she cemented her determination to travel the world, giving others the one thing that translates beyond all language or cultural barriers: music.

Who is she? “I'm an urban chick who loves to climb rocks, I'm the naughty librarian, I'm that girl you work with or used to go to school with, I'm a revolutionary for peace...I'm all of the above.” Carla is a life long member of SGI-USA, a worldwide organization of Nichiren Buddhists dedicated to working towards world peace and humanism through culture, action and education. She credits the diversity of her SGI family with giving her a little taste of the world everyday. All of these life lessons find expression in her writing, voice and creative movement. Carla’s mentor in life, SGI President and Nobel Laureate Daisaku Ikeda, is a constant source of encouragement in faith and a prime example of one individual’s potential to contribute to the world.


Get Over It

Written By: Carla Kelly

Get Over It

When I was just a little girl
I was so unhappy
The other children called me names
And the big ones picked on me
I never fit in, always treated differently
I was afraid to be myself
I couldn’t take the cruelty
If I had let my fears get in the way
I would not be the person that I am today

You have to follow your own mind
All flowers bloom at the right time
There are always gonna be people
Trying to make you weak
But before you can get strong
You gotta get over it, get over it honey

Middle school and High School were about the same
I either heard laughs or whispers
Right after I’d hear my name
Always caught in rumors, drama and/or mind games
I didn’t know then, that I was only half to blame
I cried, I tried to run and hide
Afraid to share with other people the light I have inside
All in all I would not trade the pain away
‘Cause it started me on my journey to who I am today

Chorus 1:
You have to follow your own mind
You’ll find your way at the right time
There are always gonna be people
Trying to steer you wrong
But before you can get right
You gotta get over it, get over it baby

Now I’m making my way through the real world
Armed with all the lessons I learned
As that awkward little girl
Who looked like you do and who felt like you do
She got it together, now she does what she has to do
To seize all opportunity to make a better me
No one’s gonna stand in my way
Haters are gonna come for you
No matter what you say or do
So I’m gonna give the haters more to hate me for…

Chorus 2:
You have to make up your own mind
To always do what’s best for your life
There are always gonna be people
Trying to bring you down
But before you can get up
You gotta get over it, get over it

Don’t give those haters power over you
Just keep on doing what you gotta do
Have faith in yourself
Hold your head up
And good things will come to you

Chorus 3:
All flowers bloom at the right time
You’ll find your way at the right time
Always do what’s best for your life
If you’re ever gonna get up
You gotta get over it, get over it baby….

No More Cartoons

Written By: Carla Kelly & Carmen Roman

No More Cartoons

No more watching cartoons in my head
No matter if it’s ugly, give me reality instead
I’m done watching
This story’s getting old to me
The music’s playing, “That’s All Folks”
Time to go for what I know I know

Who knows what I’ve been thinking all this time
Somewhere along the line I got it twisted
Somebody must done told me wrong
Saying I can’t have what’s mine
But now I’m finding truth I never knew existed
Pretty little lies and secrets
Done painted my world crazy shades and colors
But now I’m wondering if I’m the only one
Who’s caught in this fantasy?
‘Cause the more I pay attention
The more it bears on me to mention
That reality is under siege
Things are not what they seem to be
So I say


Porcelain veneers are crashing down around my head
Hidden agendas exposing bricks
Of bullshit up in my midst
Yet everyone’s just standing around like everything is fine
Systems built to hold us down
Images planting the seeds of doubt
In the minds of the Kings and Queens
You and I by rights were born to be

We each have to decide
Our dreams will not be pushed aside
The devils are the liars
Pulling the strings as the puppeteers
And our fears
Are the tools they use
Come people it’s time to choose
Just say …



I dreamed that I would see
And be able to deal with reality
I need nobody sugar-coat this world for me
What I’m about to do
Now that I know the truth might be crazy
But it’s better than what
Y’all been trying to sell to me

Music Is My Life

Written By: Carla Kelly

Music Is My Life

I was born to a musician and a philosopher
With no reason for their togetherness
Except the arrival of me - A BuddhaSoulBaby
Since the beginning
I’ve always had a soundtrack to my world
Either to comfort or celebrate with me
And I pray this power never leaves…me

Oh – Music Is My LIFE!!!!
She is my everything,
Like the air I breathe
And the beating of my heart
I’m telling you
Music is keeping me alive
And through everything
She’s down for me
May we never be apart

Do you ever feel like
You’re capsizing in the
Stormy sea of life
Then you hear a song
That melts away the misery and strife
Everybody sometimes feels
Like they’re losing the power to believe
Just then you hear a song that inspires you
Towards faith and victory
Oh…Music can do all these things!!!


You can keep your drugs, they’re no good for me
All I need is a letter, a number, a note and a beat

You can have your games, It’s just too much trouble for me
All I need is a letter, a number, a note and a beat

You can save your lies, I’ll never make a fool of me
All I need is a letter, a number, a note and a beat

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