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The best kept secret in music


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BWT - "Yea, it was good for us too"

BWT is currently in the studio working on re-recording some of these tracks, producing an acoustic CD, as well as adding a handful of other BWT favorites.


Feeling a bit camera shy


When your snowed in for half the year the only other option is to work up a sweat rocking, until we get our indoor basketball court. We are harbingers of loud sent to you, John Q. Public, to destroy your eardrums. Since the summer of 2005, BWT has risen in popularity in epic time. Their following has grown everywhere and anywhere they have played. Throughout the northeast, they have appealed to audiences of all kinds, from punk rockers, to hiphop lovers, to senior citizens, to metal heads, to pop teenagers. The originality of their sound has allowed them to play at any venue with the ability to play multiple genres on cue. BWT plays originals, covers, acoustic sets, blue's sets, jazz sets, along with their normal rock set. Although BWT is only 1 year young, they are rising fast, and hope to continue on this musical conquest. The MacLean brothers each started playing music when they turned 5. At this age, they began taking music lessons from the finest teachers in western new york. They come from a family enriched with a musical and athletic history. Now each brother plays a plethera of instruments in which they helped teach each other. Scott the eldest of the MacLean brothers, began playing music in the early 90's and was a regular for all-county and all-state jazz. He played in a number of musical groups throughout high school and college. He is a regular at open-mic nights and helped BWT get off its feet in '05. Heavily influenced by 311, sublime, RATM and J5, Scott takes extreem pride in his technique and ability to play with multiple genre's. Scott's brother Steve's first instrument was the piano. He won multiple awards as a child with his ability to read and improvise his music. Probably the most talented overall musician of BWT, Steve succesfully learned how to play and then teach guitar, bass, drums, and probably more instruments that we dont even know about. He taught guitar and piano lessons for many years, and has played in music groups from jazz trio's to punk rock to good old rock. Steve has also been blessed with a brilliant set of vocal chords, and has the ability to scream with the likes of Steven Tyler. Steve is influenced by a wide array of peformers, but finds alot of insperation from the likes of Herbie Hancock, MMW, Stevie Wonder, and many others. Extended brother Tom Farley was an essential addition to BWT. Mr. Farley was the college roomate of Scott, where Scott found that his outrageous personality, endless vocabulary, and ability to rhyme over ANYTHING made this acquisition very easy. The final straw was at Scott's 21st birthday when he rapped and acoustically played version of "Stairway to heaven". Tom is heavily influenced by RATM, 2pac, kanye, 311, Ryson Hall, and classical music. Steve and Tom prove to be a viable duo as frontmen for BWT as their witty puns can keep the lamest of listeners entertained. Sean "the prodigy" MacLean as he is known most absolutely lives up to his name. The youngest of the three MacLean brothers seemed to pick up everything from his elder brothers and then take it to the next level. He began at an extremely young age, where his initial guitar teacher would not even teach him because he felt he was too young. However, after an audition with a cover of Jonny B. Goode at age 5, his teacher decided to reconsider. Sean has excelled in all facets of his life. For BWT, he primarily will play the bass, but also will switch to guitar and sing back-up vocals. Seans musical influence is basically generated from everything from jimi hendrix to red hot chili peppers.