BAPTIZED BY FIRE is a relentless inferno of guitar riffs and shout-along choruses launched by JESSE BLAZE SNIDER (first born son of the legendary DEE SNIDER) - combining the sounds of early heavy metal with the urgency and vivaciousness of modern punk rock.


Heavy, intense, and literally unstoppable. BAPTIZED BY FIRE is a relentless inferno of guitar riffs and shout-along choruses launched by JESSE BLAZE SNIDER (first born son of the legendary DEE SNIDER). Jesse has joined forces with a wrecking crew of musicians to create a refreshing rock and roll machine - combining the sounds of early heavy metal with the urgency and vivaciousness of modern punk rock.

The music of BAPTIZED BY FIRE is largely defined by the positive mindset and captivating stage presence of frontman, Jesse Blaze Snider. Nevertheless, the musical foundations for Jesse's in your face lyrics are what makes the band truly a force to be reckoned with - the blistering leads of guitarist DANNY WACKER (NEW BLOOD REVIVAL - ATLANTIC RECORDS), the relentless power of bassist DAN CARLISLE (RACHEL YAMAGATO - RCA), and the driving force of drummer BENJAMIN CLAPP (SKELETON KEY - CAPITOL RECORDS/IPECAC RECORDS).

Since their 2006 inception in New York City, BAPTIZED BY FIRE has taken their live show to any and every venue they could break into. From CBGB's and the Filmore East in NYC to the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, they've shared the stage with countless legendary national acts, and delivered a satisfying shock to the audiences on hand. By popular demand, they self-released the "JUGGERNAUT" EP in 2007, featuring the studio production prowess of DENNY MCNERNY (SEVENDUST, TWISTED SISTER), and the final mastering touches of STEPHEN PEARCY (RATT). The 4 song CD is in continued demand by fans at their live shows, and has seen an abundance of mailorders from literally all over the world.

BAPTIZED BY FIRE (Known to fans simply as "BXF") is no stranger to the stage, or to being in front of the public eye in any capacity. Most notably, singer JESSE BLAZE SNIDER has been launched into the spotlight on a multitude of fronts. Millions of online music lovers that frequented last year saw Jesse as the host of AOL's Top 11 COUNTDOWN. He has also been a VJ for MTV2 & Fuse Networks, a DJ for Long Island NY's 98.5 FM The Bone, as well as the World Famous WLIR. Jesse has hosted shows for HBO, appeared on VH1, MTV and the DISCOVERY CHANNEL, and was the Music Consultant for the acclaimed TVT Records soundtrack to the motion picture STRANGELAND. Jesse's limitless imagination has even been showcased by his recent writing credits in the comic book industry, seeing multiple stories of his published by MARVEL COMICS and FANGORIA. Most recently, millions of TV viewers watched for several weeks as Jesse performed on MTV's "Rock The Cradle" - lasting the entire season and becoming a crowd favorite right through to the finale.

2008 will see BAPTIZED BY FIRE completing a 9 song studio recording session, a music video for the single "JUGGERNAUT", and a look into the advance offers of a number of record labels interested in releasing their first full-length album. With no chains binding them, the band also looks forward to an even more active year of touring and performing live. Interested parties and fans are invited to witness the crushing live show BAPTIZED BY FIRE puts on, and to get a taste of the music and mania online at WWW.BAPTIZEDBYFIRE.COM and MYSPACE.COM/BXFTHEBAND.



Written By: Jesse Blaze Snider

You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.
And you ain’t getting out without messing your face.
Stick around for a while have a nice taste.
If you like it, you’re in the right place.

Now, push yourself to the limit, then push it back again.
Give it all you can give it, that’s how you win it my friend.
Take every inch don’t give. Don’t give an inch you take.
Earn every scar you win. Love every back you break.

(Chorus) You can’t slow me down, I’m unstoppable.
You can’t cover me up, I’m untoppable.
You can’t figure me out I’m everything I’m not.
Outta my way, I’m a juggernaut!

It’s an up hill battle and no, you might not win,
And if you get knocked down you must begin again.
So pull the wool off your eyes. Close your mouth cover your cries.
They’ll be so fucking surprised, when you’re still breathing alive.

Your stuck between a living and a dying.
And if I said it wasn’t tough, I’d be lying.
You came so far fought so long you’re still surviving.
You’re gonna rock ‘em or die trying!


Don’t want your, “How it really is.” Don’t need your, “true reality.”
Because the truth shall be whatever we decide the truth shall be.
We got our mind over our matter it’s so easy to deceive,
Cause it’s not what’s true, it’s what we believe!

(Chorus X2)

Stay outta my way, stay outta my... (X4)
Just stay outta my way...
I’m a...
I’m a juggernaut!

The Phoenix

Written By: Jesse Blaze Snider

Cremation has it’s benefits,
Damnation almost as good as it,
Salvation should be a crime,
But ruination works every time.

So rise. Rise. This time won’t be the last.
So rise! Rise! This time won’t be the last, just put it in the past.

So when you think you’re dyin', you’re not you’re just survivin’,
You’ll take the phoenix for a fly! You’ll take the phoenix for a fly.
And when you think you’re burnin’, you’re not your soul just yearnin’,
To take the phoenix for a try! (Because the phoenix never dies.)

Stagnation has no benefit,
Masturbation’s almost as bad as it,
No conversation, your words are weak,
Your dedication, puts you to sleep.

So rise. Rise. Get up and walk away.
So rise! Rise! Get up and walk away, don’t let them make you stay!


(Hook) The Phoenix never dies! (X8)

There’s a fire inside you, but you keep it bound.
When your life’s not working, you burn it down. Burn it down.

(Chorus X2)



JUGGERNAUT EP - limited edition CD (2007)

Set List

40-50 minute power set of music consists almost entirely of originals. A dozen songs or so.

1 punked out version of a cover song is usually thrown in there for good measure - likely to be a song performed by Jesse on MTV's Rock the Cradle (ie: Rebel Yell, Prisoner of Society, Ring Of Fire) or any rock and roll classic (Born To Be Wild, T.N.T.)

Can perform multiple sets of varying lengths as well.