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BXL is a Hip- Hop Group that not only represents the same neighborhood that Hip Hop started (Cedar Park) in the Bronx NY, they also represent a new era in Hip- Hop with their infectious Lyrics and Melodies........


BXL BXL (Brother's Xperiencing Life)

Throughout the history of Hip-Hop music, one of the most elusive yet necessary elements of the game has been the Hip-Hop group or crew. That powerful partnership that draws on the strength of each member to simultaneously inspire and entertain the fans while invigorating the culture and encouraging artists to rise to the next level. For an entire generation of emcees, that obscure and much needed entity has failed to materialize. Then, it started brewing in the Bronx in 2002, when three young talents came together, building the foundation that has since become B.X.L. An acronym for Brothers Xperiencing Life, the group’s name could not better describe members Anthony “Severe Jones” Robinson, Osnan “Buddy Mylez” Melendez, and Joseph “Joe Dirt” Galarza.

Since childhood, the three have shared a common bond: their love of Hip-Hop. As 80s babies growing up in the Bronx, they had a front-row seat to the rise of the most powerful force in pop culture history. Initially, each member of B.X.L. explored his musical aspirations independently. In addition to his impressive lyrical ability, Severe Jones discovered and developed an equally impressive ability to craft music as a producer. As both beatsmith and wordsmith, Severe, also known as Persevere, had the uncanny advantage of simultaneously learning how to use an arsenal of musical influences to remain versatile in his production and how to adapt his flow to a variety of production styles. Soon enough, his newfound skill, originally used to enhance the lyrics of local artists, had Severe providing production for the likes of D-Block/Roc-a-Fella/Def Jam recording artist Jadakiss and underground Hip-Hop mainstay Uncle Murda. Meanwhile, having established himself as the emcee to watch locally, Buddy Mylez scored the amazing feat of utilizing the internet to extend his impact globally, even before he had truly captured the attention of DJs stateside. Within a matter of months, fans in Europe, North America and the Caribbean were spreading the word and demanding more of that lyrical fire. The attention he received lead to a bevy of early appearances overseas, and even a few accolades. Joe Dirt was also becoming a legend in his own right, connecting with his listeners in two ways. For those who shared his inner-city upbringing, he was a voice for their struggle and a promise of better days ahead. Those who couldn’t directly relate to his experiences were taken by his ability to paint a picture through words in a more realistic way than even their favorite multi-platinum selling rappers.

By 2005, B.X.L. had officially come together after more than a few name and lineup changes. By that point, the trio operated as a well-oiled machine. Each member had amassed his share of contacts and experiences that would serve as a springboard for Hip-Hop’s next powerhouse.

Since then, B.X.L. has made tremendous strides, despite the lack of major label support. In 2007, they experienced success on a whole new level when their single “Wasted” debuted on New York City’s Power 105.1. That proved to be just the beginning. The group’s buzz continued to grow, supported by continual airplay and media attention. Their second radio single “Pocketz Full of Paper,” which received airplay on both Power 105 and Hot 97 in New York in 2008, continues to receive spins in markets across the globe, including stations in Bermuda, Canada, and Germany. Before the end of the first quarter of 2009, the single “In Da Air” has been added to both Hot 97 and Power 105’s mix show playlists. Also as of July 4th 2009, BXL has a NEW SMASH SINGLE "Turn Around" included in mixshow rotation on Power 105 and Hot 97 respectively. This NEW single is no doubt a "NATIONAL HIT". They’ve captured their hometown, fans and critics alike. Now, B.X.L. is well on its way to making history as not only the next movement to impact Hip-Hop, but also as the next group to shatter the misconceptions and glass ceiling faced by Latinos in mainstream Hip-Hop. If their track record is any indication, they are they guys for the job.


Pocketz Full Of Paper (Power 105.1 fm) (2008)
Wasted (Power 105.1 fm) (2008)
Top 30 College Charts (rapattacklives.com) (June 2008)

Set List

In Tha Air
Pocketz Full Of Paper
*(6-8 minute sets)