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The best kept secret in music


"By Any Means Music"

By Any Means Music (B.A.M.M.) is a hip-hop family trio with rapper, Imperator, and his nephew, Goldie, on the mic. Imperator's son, Creepy Fingers, is the beat maker. His diverse style is influenced by east coast, west coast, dirty south, and everything in between, but their 17-song album, "Family Ties," has a definite street feel. Imperator and Goldie seamlessly blend old and new school lyrical styles with vivid metaphors and first-rate rhymes. Album highlights include the club starter, "Get Ready," "Posion Ya Brain," which is about the reality of drug abuse, "Gets It," which has fast, spit-fire lyrics over a sample of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home," and the love songs, "Ya Woman" and "Smile". - Mary Lemanski (Painted Girl Records)

"Family Ties Album"

Family Ties is a diverse album you don't get bored with it or have to skip tracks. "Tear It Up" is perfect for the club, play it after Yin Yang Twins "The Whisper Song". - Tommy Daugherty (Makaveli Engineer)

"By Any Means Music - Family Ties"

The own clan has always played an important role in the rap game: if the artist has a foot in the door, it can be taken as granted that he will try to ( fetch later) selected relatives soon. This is a unwritten law, whole rap empires came into being this way. Imperator, located in Palmdale, of course hasn't went this far yet. Nevertheless he relies on his "Family Ties" as well and let his nephew Goldie and his son Creepy Fingers participate in the musical work. The album, an independent release, lives from synthetic sound. The majority of the beats, which are smooth as glass, are produced on point. Often techno-like elements are used, there is no lack of (danceablity). Besides masterly realized club tracks like "Get Ready" and "Tear It Up mainly the rougher tracks of the trio convince. "Cosign" and "Replay FX" stand out with reduced sounds, "Gets It" pleases with western-like whistle and brisk raps, "Bodymore" nearly is nearly blowing up my speakers, so powerful is the bass. After some serious words are said about drug abuse in "Poison Ya Brain", the group slows down a little bit and the two lovesongs "Ya Woman" and "Smile" are presented. "Family Ties" is a progressive, variedly produced and outstandingly smooth rapped album - family test passed. - Benjamino Di Maggio (


Family Ties "A Family That Slays Together Stays Together"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Our influences include - Run DMC, LL Cool J, N.W.A, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, Curtis Mayfield, Norman Whitfield, Motown, NAS, Slick Rick, KRS One, Three Six Mafia, Hot Boyz, Rakim, Jay Z, P Diddy, Russell Simmons, Master P, and Kevin Liles.

Our style is very diverse because the group members are from Los Angeles, New York, and Baltimore. These environments and cultures are reflected in our music, accents, and attitudes.

Once upon a time a rapper named Imperator owned and operated an independent rap label called "By Any Means Music" The label released 4 albums "Evolution of a Man", "Hiphopoly", "Flossaholic", and "Patterson Park", which featured his 18 year old nephew "Goldie". Imperator and his son "Creepy Fingers" wrote, produced and recorded numerous tracks for local artist. They taught many upcoming, producers, labels, and artist tricks of the trade.

One day he faced the fact that he didn't have proper funding to run a label, and that in this dog eat dog world of music people do bite the hand that feeds them. Thus his philosophy changed and he took Snoop Doggs advice "The game is to be sold not told". Hence "B.A.M.M" would operate as a production company, and forevermore be a family affair.

Join us as we embark upon a journey in this treacherous world of music to slay naysayers in this industry we call the beast. For we are the past, the present, and the future of hiphop.

The Beginning!